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  2. Yeah, I still pay for this shit. Btw, if anyone reading this has been trying to reset their password, but their email address changed, they can email mitch at our domain name and I'll change your password/email.
  3. Massive thread necro time? Sure, why the fuck not. Here's a message for anyone who happens to come across the ruins of this thread deep in the interwebz: I co-host an anime podcast now. It's called Anime on the Rocks and involves much alcohol consumption and discussion/debate of anime. Find our episodes on SoundCloud. OK, everyone can go back to being dead now.
  4. Holy fuck this place is still here. Holy fuck I'm posting here. Holy fuck I'm old now.
  5. "like"
  6. is this internet whalefall?
  7. fuck u ken
  8. lol
  9. Eleet - I would be appreciative if you would give me my Admin back. I only founded the site alongside yourself as at the time you insisted "the tech side", GPZ etc - You've known me for the majority of my life. We built this together. This initially came from Anime Nation prior to you being on board. the name itself I pushed for... It is disloyal, unfriendly and soul crushing that you have still not added me back as an admin... Anyway.. for those who don't watch eSports on TV here is AE WinD (thats me!) on TBS Eleague. Here is our eSports site - Our Partnered Discord - Our Maestro (goto to look at who else they partner with exclusively) - Our Tournament sites - / (.pro is coming soon) My personal short clips at Currently we have 12 registered AE websites (with an extra 12 .info sites) Due to Discord AE does not have a forum - we keep growing in national and international partnerships, tournaments etc. I would be appreciative if I would be an admin of what I have turned into a US filed Company "Accelerated Evolution", "AE eSports" "AE" "Accelerated-e" "Accelerated-Evolution" "A-E" "Acceleratedevo" "Acceleratedevolution" etc. To those who stream on Twitch - You can join the stream team (we are jointly partnered with mobility gaming - just add "From Accelerated Evolution - Ref. WinD" to sign up and be added to the team automatically - @ Check out videos at either ... - goto the downloads section for a look at QUAKE CHAMPIONS FROM QUAKECON cammed by.... ;) someone ;) we even host tournaments for developers and publishers in collaboration with ESL! - Anyway - More than glad to invite the original AE forumers most of which are gamers to come game with us; come along now :D - Ken
  10. Reading some of my older post is like an endurance test in cringe
  11. Mondays are an amazing reason to drink.
  12. And so The McNulty House Scream was born.
  13. I love all of you. Sexually.
  14. ipv6 also changed :(
  15. filesystem changed. happy late thanksgiving.
  16. hahaha my girlfriend is in grad school and one of her friends was like "good luck at your first day of 18th grade!!!" also dude fuck trump and fuck your coworker. RIP in peace murkastan july 4th, 1776 -- january 20th, 2017 there are a ridiculous amount of people into trump in NYC though. not like a lot, but a lot more than i would've expected.
  17. dude come down to brooklyn. i have some good gin in my fridge.
  18. That's so fucking metal. \m/
  19. Guilty pleasure I've been watching is Big Brother Over the Top. Still love some of that shitty trashy reality TV. Also on ep 2 of Westworld, so don't spoil, I'm behind. What about everyone else!? *revival attempt part deux x100*
  20. Not currently, but last few days I've been enjoying some gin and tonics. Tried some of those hard sodas as well, the rootbeer is pretty good, I like the ginger ale too. Was disappointed in the orange cola one.
  21. It's Friday, my coworker called out, kind of happy about it so I don't have to hear pro Trump rhetoric all day. You'd think a software company in the North East USA wouldn't have many Trump supporters, you'd be wrong.
  22. Yes, the first year of college.
  23. So, the first year of college?!
  24. You have entered... the 13th grade! In the coming months: the return of Ken's admin LOL JK! This is not a CS forum.
  25. Lol, remember E3 2012?!
  26. Hi guys!
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