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  2. Tiger Lake SuperFin NVIDIA 30- 8 Core Tiger Lake NVIDIA buys ARM.
  3. Happy birthday AE!
  4. eleet

    RT: SWEET 16

    So, AE is now old enough to drive.
  5. Shiny new version of IPB. I still pay for this shit.
  6. Thanks Jeff! The big 30!
  7. https://rpgamer.com/2020/04/rpgamers-rpgs-of-the-decade-introduction/ RPGs of the Decade Noticeable omission is Skyrim, but otherwise...eh?
  8. I think that's a record for them.
  9. AMD has 40% market share.
  10. Adding to my trophy list.
  11. My CHRIMBUS present to AE is more of my money every month. I moved the site to a totally unneeded but much faster server last night.
  12. It didn't mention the 1nm process. I would guess it would be scheduled to come out in 2031 or 2033.
  13. When is the singularity?
  14. Intel Roadmap: 10nm 2019 7nm 2021 5nm 2023 3nm 2025 2nm 2027 1.4nm 2029
  15. Half Life 3 announced!!! Just kidding, more like Half Life 1.5.
  16. Borderlands 3 and Overwatch on occasion.
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