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    datum test. Bought Nutty a rice cooker for Secret Santa.

    Needed to get a $25 or less gift for a gift exchange at work. Looked at ThinkGeek. Made it out at only $100 worth of stuff.



    Alright all you boys and girls, now men and women, come out of the woodwork and post. DRL has summoned you.
  7. What are you playing?

    Slowly working my way though Divinity Original Sin 2

    Holy butts. This website still exists. My last post is from six years ago.
  9. Scarface goes to Jail

    He's still around, not in jail..yet. Currently our quest is to find old RPG clubbers who still exist on the internet.

    AND WE'RE LIVE! Ken/anyone else reading, I'll give you admin back but you have to pay me $60 for the hosting from the PayPal from about 1 million years ago. Beyond that, this site is currently costing $5/mo to host and *roughly* $10 per year for the domain. Also, the cocksuckers at Invision want $25 per 6 months to continue to offer us support and new versions aka bugfixes. This will be the first time that we had to give IPS money since... 2005? They conned me into accepting a new license structure a few years ago and part of the incentive to switch was to give me a couple of years worth of free support and updates. We had lifetime free updates but no support, so I don't know how exactly they tricked me into giving up the lifetime free updates in exchange for free updates and free support for 2 years then $50/year every year after for infinity. Somehow, we lost though. Even still, it's a discounted rate over their current renewal price. I would honestly switch to a free BB but I can't find any converters for IPB4 nor any decent BB software other than vBulletin. So, in the end, AE costs $60/hosting + $10/domain + $50/ipb. $120 per year. The domain renewal fluctuates by a dollar and change every year or so. I just renewed the domain a few weeks ago until Sept 17th 2018. Hosting is paid for until Jan 1st 2018. First IPB renewal ever is October 1st (in 2 weeks). Can you cash app or venmo me $60? I'll put it towards either the hosting or the IPB renewal or a combination of the two. I'm going to let IPB expire on October 1st and wait until the next bugfix update comes out. It could be a few months until the next patch comes out and there's actually a need for the update/support renewal.
  11. What are you playing?

  12. RT: Thirteen

    I know you know who Kirk is but for those who don't know; my oldest brother kirk works at Google NY - He commutes from CT and I never asked but im sure he makes a butt ton. A lot of start ups are failing / have failed. Accelerated Evolution is hiring for a few positions if you are interested in working on our mobile app I can link you up with the team I would just need a resume; you'd work from home and receive a bonus then weekly payments as part of the contract along with a launch bonus / royalty %. Currently it is a team of 18 people - I'd say the project is about 40% complete... it has taken much longer than we anticipated (I stated it would launch Q2 '17!) Back to why I mentioned Kirk; for those who play around with iOS games - Please check out his 8-9 year side project that he worked mad hard on in various iterations over the years - he launched it about a month ago on the app store... you can follow him on twitter on both his reg account and his SpazCoSoft twitter (edit) His googler account is now private so just his indie game dev account; and I'll leave you with this photo of him being Krudler (The legendary Mirror Worlds 1.6 player who played with Cip, Elite and a few others during the glory days) He works as the head of iOS development - so the quote to this image was "this little fucker doesn't know I work on iOS" https://twitter.com/Spazcosoft Check out out his game "Tales of Jornica: The lonely dwarves" I can get y'all free keys from him if you want to check out a cool oldschool RPG.
  13. RT: Thirteen

    oh! and I get medijuana if you still schmoke.... yeah.
  14. when

    Homowork was something I labeled the homework thread although don't remember if Amy's influence was why I named it that. I'm sure elite has the old logs (since I am regular user now I can't check; for reasons still not explained). Which taints this time capsule..... Thus for Amy's sake.... RIP Amy, you knew me as one of the SELECT Admins - I'm sorry that elite decided to erase the time capsule as it was. With all 900 some off posts. I love the guy but he can be irrational at times. I'm sure you understand. (assuming theirs an afterlife and you can somehow read this) - You were a free spirit and I know you would never let anyone in AE pass by acting like a Demagogue in a Totalitarian style environment. Unfortunately, my dear friend Mitch has embraced the evil rather than love. I hope he changes back into the guy that was around when you had been an active member with fascinating ideas and conversations to treat us all to. I am although glad you have not seen what this country has turned into as it was against your beliefs as a person and in politics in general. Let's ensure that the Demagogues that attempt to divide us in person or on a forum -coughs- - when one side continues to push for unity and the Demagogue side (Who can still see the light!) decide to ignore such unity. that perhaps you can shine a light down and give that individual the strength to make amends.
  15. RT: Thirteen

    Why are you saying "fuck you ken" What have I ever done to you? I've always considered you one of my best friends; most of the memes as you know weren't made by me - I am a bit confused; You stated you pay for this still; well then ask me! I pay for http://aeesports.pro - http://live.quakechampions.life - aetournaments.info aetournaments.pro - windis.pro --- (most of these I have not made web-pages for but do have emails set up) accelerated-evolution.com accelerated-evolution.info aediscord.info aediscord.pro (just a redirect to our partnered discord- discord.gg/ae) - aeesports.com aeesports.info aeesports.org aestore.pro aetesl.info aetesl.pro quakepugs.info quakepugs.online I can pay for the site for a year if you'd like; just ask me. Remember I am doing pretty well at the moment due to eSports (from CSGO on TBS e-League to Quake Champions ESL / Quake World Champions - or being a Gamer Sensei Coach; I have a good amount of extra money that I use to fund my players with equipment, games, travel etc --- I re-released a remaster of 2007's Galexia on 57 different distributors mainly all of the leading streaming platforms But mainly that eSports $ comes from - AE (as in what I was hoping would be the extension of Accelerated Evolution forum into a proper website the way we envisioned it years ago with news and reviews) - well that exists now! Why can't this be the forum portion the way that was initially planned? all I initially did was further the vision we had long ago, and make it a reality but I am being punished for it? You made a comment mad that you have to pay for this; so please allow me to pay for it. This is not an active forum but it is an IMPORTANT TIME CAPSULE. I kindly ask you accept my proposal and allow me to paypal you X amount of accelerated-e months ; along with whatever else and please give me back my admin I've had since this site was first founded as "Anti-AN" Anti anime nation. Mitch, You have been my dear friend for a long time and I don't / did not want that to change. I do not know what I did to have you be so malicious against me, but I love you, bro.... and without sarcasm I tell the CSGO players about "Elite" a founding member of AE who was an insane awper etc - and I tell it as if it was a legendary style mythos but in a serious way - no sarcasm or ill-intent but rather "blowing you up" perhaps; I do the same for Cip when talking about old school CSGO. I really thought everyone here would be happy that AE expanded the way it was envisioned back when Vinny made that website template that we didn't get grooving... and now into not only an eSports Organization with teams doing REALLY well in the national and international stage but also coaching for esports, an entire clothing line / posters + our jersey - Everyone from AEeSports gets these things as part of the deal; I really wish you'd embrace the AE eSports part of AE and dig into what benefits you like or ignore the ones you dislike. At least acknowledge that out of parody, trolling and shit flinging out at me I was able to catipult across the sub-reddit d0rks that harassed me and my players / staff for months on end - got even worse when I was on e-league; and even during the Quake World Championship 1 million dollar Qualifiers the chat was 50% anti me and my players (my own Re-upload of the twitch cast by Makaveli and Blu) but Accelerated Evolution KILLED IT. QuakeCon QWC 1 million is the 26th and AE is in. Can we make some sort of compromise at least to save our friendship? aside from eleet rap, penis blade and the moonfand deck (Mfand Deck Video was done out of comical love; not hate) We support a ton of titles I bet people here play and aside from the competitive side we have a large group of content creators, artists, streamers etc that are all part of one big family. Extend the family to where it originated. to quote my british accent video 'miss ya mate' seriously - give me a ring - 203-654-6365 (doesn't matter that i posted my phone; if you check yelp etc my house is labled as Accelerated Evolution with that number for contact; so no worries about posting it - but get at me - shoot me a text or make a call or better yet ---- just drive and swing by; talk to me man; talk to me. With love - Ken aka WinD and my PC Jackie Chan / HTC Vive named "Neo" (come over and play some ill ass VR games like robo-recall or the new killing floor incursion!) Recline back in the Quake World Championship edition DXracer (I LOVE THIS CHAIR) I am seriously extending this invitaition to come hang out and chillax - talk - game a bit etc Come rock and roll buddy. I miss you... In case you didn't read this all once again.. 1-203-654-6365 get at me Mitch. Love you man.
  16. RT: Thirteen

    Nonsense. You absolutely do not need to spend $1000 on some silly class to learn that shit. You can find plenty of information online for free on how AWS works. For a few bucks, you can spool up some instances and play around. I'm sure there are free tutorials online.
  17. RT: Thirteen

    I've been considering this as well but just the one 3 day class for the system admin test cost over a thousand dollars. Unless I can get an employer to reimburse me for that I don't see myself ever learning it
  18. RT: Thirteen

    There are a ton of free resources online to learn just about anything you could ever need to know about systems/networking/programming. Linux isn't a bad hobby to pick up. I find that most tech people can't even use it. However, it really feels like a niche market, and there's a bit of a learning curve (as with anything). I don't know much about networking, personally. But there are guys who exclusively do networking and they seem to make pretty decent money (more than decent). Just about any kind of Cisco/Juniper/insert-network-vendor-here type of stuff requires someone who specializes in that kind of thing. Windows sysadmin stuff is probably the easiest to learn, since there is a lot of GUI involved. However, large Active Directory environments relying heavily on group policy can get pretty confusing, quickly. I also get the impression that there are a lot of Windows admins out there, resulting in less pay and more competition. Everyone seems to know the basics, but the more advanced stuff is known by far less people. You can't really go wrong with programming. There's a massive demand for it. I don't think you really need to be a GOD to actually make a livable income from it either. Most people, flat out, cannot program. At all. So you're already at an advantage if you can do it, period. Unfortunately, the "break & fix technician" jobs pay absolutely dogshit money and they're all part-time roles. Which is really a shame, because I really enjoy building computers and fixing broken ones. However, you're likely to end up in a Geek Squad or similar role making about $14/hr working maybe 30 hours per week if you're lucky, with zero health insurance. I've also heard there's some kind of Apple/Mac admin niche market, but I'm not too sure about that. Sorry if I didn't leave you with a smoking-gun type of answer to your question about which roles to pursue. Maybe shoot for NJ datacenters/hosting companies? You can take a lower level position there but you'll learn a lot of neat and useful stuff very quickly. Mostly about hosting/email/Linux/networking/internet/maybe-Windows. And you can move up to a sysadmin role down the road or maybe even become a "networking guy". Maybe also consider learning AWS (Amazon Web Services). I see a lot of jobs asking for that these days. They're mostly the Linux sysadmin/engineer kind though.
  19. RT: Thirteen

    What other kinds of roles would you suggest? I figure help desk is the only way to gain more experience since despite being at the same shit part time job I have learned very little from it. The way I see if my only option is a help desk job to get that experience while I get more certs to become a system/networking admin somewhere down the line
  20. RT: Thirteen

    From my experience in attempting to land a job in NYC, the market is highly competitive and the salaries are all over the place. I see jobs ranging from $45K/year to $140K/year. Really depends what you do, I guess. And the tech job market in Connecticut is fucking horrible. I'm lucky to have landed a job here. It literally took years. I can't speak about NJ. I would try and get away from help desk though. There's a shitload of helpdesk jobs that pay $11-$13/hour and they're all part-time, like 20-30hrs per week. These are the bottom of the barrel as far as tech jobs go. I would try and specialize in something.
  21. RT: Thirteen

    Mostly level one help desk jobs. I am leaning towards networking/system admin in the long run but I still have a long way to go before I can learn everything necessary for that kind of job so doing help desk stuff is as good a starting point as I can think of for now And I am looking for jobs in NY/NJ/Conneticut, mainly near NYC since I love about an hour away.
  22. RT: Thirteen

    Either pick up programming/scripting (python, java, perl) and start looking for entry level programming jobs, or learn cloud/virtualization/Linux (Amazon Web Services comes to mind). Windows helpdesk is dead-end anywhere you go. I've heard IT for finance and healthcare and government are the way to go though, if you do go that route. Maybe you're just in the wrong part of the country? What are some examples of roles/positions you've interviewed for, and at what types of companies (industry and size of company)? Also, which state are you in? Edit: Maybe also make a profile on dice.com. I landed my current job from a recruiter at a staffing company who cold-called me because he saw my dice profile. I've had a job for over a year and a half now because of this. Spent maybe 4 months as a contractor before being hired directly by the place I was working at.
  23. RT: Thirteen

    I've been working the same shitty dead in part time IT job for close to six years now. I have always been trying to get a non-shitty full time IT job for at least three of those years. Nothing has stuck and the job keeps getting worse with no signs that it will ever improve. I have gotten much better at interview but for whatever reason I just cannot get past that interview phase (I've been on at least 10 this year alone). I've been working with a job coach, seeing a therapist for close to two years now where much of the time we talk about my crap job and what I do to improve myself so I can land a better but nothing is working. I am starting to think I should just abandon IT as a whole and try something else but I have no idea what I could do besides retail (which I hate and am not very good at anyway) and am terrified of once again changing careers without any idea of what else I can do. I am just stuck.
  24. Hi......

    Almost two years now!
  25. RT: Thirteen

    4.2.1. Subtle theme changes I think, among bugfixes.
  26. RT: Thirteen

    It is pretty ugly. :O
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