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  1. eleet

    RT: SWEET 16

    Merry Christmas, AE! Up next: Windows 14 and Mitch still pays the hosting bill.
  2. eleet

    RT: SWEET 16

    Personally waiting for Ryzen 9001. IT’S OVER 9000!
  3. eleet

    RT: SWEET 16

    So, AE is now old enough to drive.
  4. Shiny new version of IPB. I still pay for this shit.
  5. Thanks Jeff! The big 30!
  6. I think that's a record for them.
  7. My CHRIMBUS present to AE is more of my money every month. I moved the site to a totally unneeded but much faster server last night.
  8. When is the singularity?
  9. Half Life 3 announced!!! Just kidding, more like Half Life 1.5.
  10. The domain expired for ~5 days but we're back. Waiting for the next IPB update... Also the iPhone 11 is out.
  11. And on my birthday, MySQL gets upgraded, as is tradition.
  12. Thanks, Jeff! You were technically the first one to wish me a happy birthday. Much appreciated.
  13. Ken, You are now banned for life. Congrats!
  14. Jeff, please stop editing and deleting your posts. There is zero point.
  15. IPB 4.4.0!!!!! Wooooooo goodbye $25!
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