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  1. Yeah, I still pay for this shit. Btw, if anyone reading this has been trying to reset their password, but their email address changed, they can email mitch at our domain name and I'll change your password/email.
  2. fuck u ken
  3. And so The McNulty House Scream was born.
  4. ipv6 also changed :(
  5. filesystem changed. happy late thanksgiving.
  6. Yes, the first year of college.
  7. You have entered... the 13th grade! In the coming months: the return of Ken's admin LOL JK! This is not a CS forum.
  8. Remembering that AE was a thing, I renewed the domain for another year today. Also installed PHP 7.0 about 9 months after it was released because that's how long it took Invision to make IPB compatible with the new version.
  9. Yes, they're dead.
  10. The local CT krew had a very 4th of July together.
  11. Also tweaked the NGINX and PHP-FPM configurations.
  12. Search index took about 6 hours to rebuild but it's done. Search should now work again.
  13. Oh, and we had a downtime of about 12 hours from 2 AM EDT 5/28/2016 til 2 PM EDT 5/28/2016. PHP-FPM decided to take a shit during some database work and I fell asleep.
  14. FWIW: We're on IPB Same shit, different year. Invision still sucks and pumps out buggy forum updates. I converted the MySQL database from utf8 to utf8mb4, which means we can now use EMOJI!!! Also, a shitty Invision update converted one of our tables from InnoDB to MyISAM, but they fixed the bug then I converted the table back to InnoDB. Temporarily, I have completely broken search beyond the point of it functioning at all. I had to truncate the search index table because of what I think is another bug. I asked Invision how to re-compile it (today) and am waiting for a response. This should be an easy, but CPU intensive fix. It should be fixed mid next week. Lastly, CTL wants to be unbanned. What is the verdict?
  15. Crube, happy to see that your head is still smooth!