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  1. I'm trying to work my way through Song of Ice and Fire but it is incredibly difficult to follow. I made it halfway through the third book and had to take a break. In the meantime I'm also reading American Gods, at last.
  2. So incredibly late, but RIP Amy. AE lost a big chunk of what it was when she left us.
  3. Kreutz

    Status Report

    I wish I could sleep.
  4. Hopefully Devin stays on the meds for this project.
  5. I might have posted this already, but if you come across a DK named Xurvan on either Blackhand or Dark Iron, it's probably me. I'm on a hiatus right now for moving and classwork so I won't be around for a while.
  6. Not having internet for a month sucks.
  7. No particular order. Summer Breeze (Seals & Croft) - Type O Negative Goodbye Earl (Dixie Chicks) - Me First & the Gimme Gimmes Cars (Gary Numan) - Fear Factory Breed (Nirvana) - Otep Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran) - Tiger Army Dead Bodies (Rancid) - Nekromantix Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple) - Opeth Circle of the Tyrant (Celtic Frost) - Opeth or Obituary, both covers have their merits Whiskey in the Jar (traditional Irish song) - The Vandon Arms Whiplash (Metallica imitating Motorhead) - Motorhead
  8. Kreutz

    Status Report

    Just so long as you don't plan on getting a job doing CAD and CAD alone. There's next to no market for that anymore.
  9. Kreutz

    Favorite Type

    I like them small with curves. No scarecrow women for me, thanks.
  10. Referring to people who are anticipating the new album. There's a significant portion of people who are looking for what amounts to a remake of one or more of the older albums, and I'm pretty sure the album they want isn't the one most of us are waiting on. I suppose nothing short of a mass remastering ala Megadeth would pacify them.
  11. I wouldn't go as far as to compare this album to any of their other ones, except to say that this is what St. Anger should have sounded like. Lars loosened his snare, James took some time with the vocals, and Kirk got permission to do solos. If you want AJFA part two, go pick up Practice What You Preach by Testament and leave us alone already.
  12. Have they patched out bunny-hopping and the goddamned ridiculous ping on servers? EDIT: Also real men kick ass with a $20 trackball.
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