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  1. About to start my 5 day weekend. Took personal vacation day for tomorrow. then the business is closed paid holiday for Friday and Monday! Holidays FTW!!!
  2. Just in case you all weren't aware. I'm making this thread not to honor him, but to allow the populus to berate him and celebrate his recent banning knowing he cannot respond to anything said. Here's the CTL - Largest Douchebag in the Federation. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  3. Question for the ladies. Guys are childish of course at farting, belching, taking a dump. But I have to believe girls are too, but just private about it. So the question to the ladies is, do you giggle when you fart and crap at the same time?
  4. This stie is still ruling btw. Just thought I would give the update. Some notable things that have made this site rule. CTL was banned. :headbang: That's good enough alone in my book.
  5. That's because they are all dead and likely starved to death waiting on their orders. *rimshot*
  6. This is the thread to share with us your current status. Could be emotional, sexual, moods, etc. Whatever. Let us know if you are o.k., or feeling like one of CTL's adulterous online relationships: i.e. unfulfilled and generally crap. I'm doing pretty good after having my second back surgery. I was back to work 2 weeks to the day which is a testament to modern medicine, and if you believe, Jesus Christ. (not going to get preachy) Work is going well. The pain in my side for nearly 7 months of a woman co-worker who didn't get the job that I did, finally hung herself by not co
  7. See now we know you are lying. Ethiopians don't have food.
  8. Not familiar with this word. Explain. Yes he claimed to be a lawyer. Posted pics of him in Iraq. He had sex with a camel...
  9. Banned? Good...he's a retard and tried to on at least one occasion that I know of cheat on his wife with some other chick on another board I visit. She denied him, mostly because she figured out that likely CTL has a small dick... And he is a jackass.
  10. Indian food is funny. Most of it tastes like crap. Vindaloo is great when really spicy. Cow Vindaloo is awesome because it pisses off the devout.
  11. Well, I actually eat much spicier foods really. I think that the sauce from the pizza may have caused a bit of it too. So we could add to that definition, funky sauces at pizzerias.
  12. Ahh I come back from back surgery to see that CTL, aka SuperDouche is back in business. turd.
  13. Calean007

    RIng of Fire

    DO you know what this is? Before replying and making yourself look like a CTL, i.e., dumb faggot, this is the definition. ring of fire The burning feeling in the anus after taking a dump, after consuming chile or other spicy foods. For me, last night's Pizza Hut, double pepperoni, crushed red pepper, and Dr. Pepper. When will I learn? I actually saw the undigested crushed red pepper pieces in the butt piss in the bowl. :headbang:
  14. They can ban that too wouldn't have a problem with it either.
  15. it will never pass and it never should. Drugs do only one thing and that is destroy lives. yes you can say that's your choice to destroy your life, but inevitably we see drug usage destroy other peoples lives who aren't using. Like DUI's, etc.
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