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  1. I go to the gym every day and look like I weigh 150 but I really weigh 175 and sometimes ride my bike. I rode from Waterbury CT to New Boston MA once but that was terrible and all uphill and made me swear off biking forever.
  2. Most of the time I find that anything I would post in threads wouldn't be constructive or would just be trolling. No one likes a troll.
  3. Just volunteer, the dude running volunteer ops this year is so scatterbrained he'll never know you didn't do your hours and you'll get a free room.
  4. 1) I had a hole in my pocket and they fell out when I was flushing the toilet. 2) It's not hard to do.
  5. I accidentally flushed my car keys down the toilet at a highway rest stop so I had to hot wire my own car to get home. Life is grand!
  6. Its useless to worry about things you can't control. Personal honor seems to be a lost concept for most people these days.
  7. Kung Fu Hustle Kung Pow Legend of Drunken Master
  8. Word. Come to the states and go to Bonaroo in June. It's in Tennessee and The Dead and Phish are playing.
  9. Today I smoked a nice big joint and went to the gym for a few hours. Now I'll go back to not smoking at all until next year.
  10. Tyrannosaurus-Sex


    I had a dream that myself, Bill Clinton, a t-rex, Sarah Palin, the terminator, and the invisible man from league of extraordinary gentleman started a jazz ensemble and every time we played a show people would get really angry because they thought we were using a drum machine since the invisible man is invisible and you can't see him playing drums.
  11. this seems entirely unnatural to me.
  12. Against Me!- Baby, I'm an Anarchist
  13. Hahaha wonderful. I'm one of those people who look familiar to a lot of people.
  14. Ok. Winterlong is a better name if you ask me haha. I'm around more often now so I'll actually see the messages.
  15. Sorry I never answered you back awhile ago. I was just listening to records and it jogged my subconscious.
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