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  1. Pheme

    Doctor Who

    Tyrone: thanks, I had forgotten about him. Still, it's possible him/his foundation will make another appearance? Oh yeah, my reaction to the finale: Anyway. Jenny for next companion!
  2. Pheme

    Doctor Who

    Anyone think that the "Mr Copper foundation" that Harriet Jones mentioned may be a seed for a future storyline? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it hasn't been mentioned before, and the subwave technology seems pretty advanced and siginificant.
  3. Pheme

    My dark ambient music

    Hey.. I was wondering what you guys thought of my dark ambient project. Inspired by bands/artists such as KTL, Bass Communion, Lustmord, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Sunn O))). Myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endid=384929782 Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Pheme Hope you enjoy it! All of it is free to download from last.fm. Critique is very much appreciated! :)
  4. Pheme

    Doctor Who

    Oh wow that looks awesome. I love those kind of photos. It kinda reminds me of this: In fact I think Doctor Who would be better if there was permanently a larger team of companions rather than just one or two.
  5. Pheme

    Doctor Who

  6. Pheme

    Doctor Who

    The next episode looks immense. :D
  7. Pheme

    Doctor Who

    I have to agree that it's a shame that Christopher Ecceston only did one series. I prefer him to David Tennant, and right now even though Tennant is great, I am getting bored of him. So what did everybody think of Midnight? I really liked it. It was pretty clever to tap into the modern fear of a hijack on airline travel (even if it wasn't a plane, it looked like one! :p)
  8. Pheme

    A treasure chest appears!

    So let's see, there's a war between animal superheroes and pirates hordes on a distant planet, and the space station is seeking to destroy that planet! Whose side are YOU on!? I think I'll join the Pirates!
  9. So would the actual websites get a say in it? E.g. Wikipedia's ethic is to provide a free encyclopedia. I know you already have to pay for the internet, but having to pay a premium to access specific websites which include Wikipedia goes against what they would want.
  10. Pheme

    A treasure chest appears!

    Darkness spell! You are all engulfed in darkness! The braille says "help me! I'm trapped in this stupid box!"
  11. Pheme

    Let's write a story!

    ...and he stepped onto the altar, and kneeled. The stone was cold and felt ancient. It chilled the blood in his legs, but he couldn't let himself shiver. In the eyes of this God, weakness is the deadliest sin. The God then spoke. His voice was thunder. His spoken thoughts could deafen any weak mind. He said...
  12. Pheme

    Make your Own band name

    Nebula Cascade - post metal Search For Dragons - power metal Pot Train - stoner metal
  13. Pheme

    AE Music

    This is a great idea! I'm uploading one of my songs. :) edit: And I'm loving your Blackfield song Wind even if it's just a sample.
  14. Pheme


    Thanks for the welcome:D