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  1. Feelings are typically never wrong. They just are. Now, what you do with them might be wrong but that's where that brain thing comes in. But hell, I never use it, so it can't be all that great. :awesome:
  2. I'm going old school pirating. And I don't mean Usenet.
  3. I'm doing piratical things this weekend.
  4. 20% work 80% pure luck
  5. It was tough being an italian giallo director, in the 70's. You had to make some regrettable decisions to make the film you wanted.
  6. I'm a phlebotomist. Found out I have a knack for taking blood from people. Turned it in a productive career.
  7. There are some that have Cannibal Holocaust beat (though not by much). I shouldn't mention that the turtle bit was real.
  8. I see it with older, childless women who just have pets. Apparently, being a pet owner is the same as being a mother to them.
  9. You mean, like, for your junk? Because I think they might.
  10. "Customer is always right" is a courteous business model but doesn't supercede EEOC guidelines or legal infringements.
  11. Gaelic only has two syllables: "aaaugh" and "ullg". It was, essentially, a language built on vomiting after a long night's drinking.
  12. It's a necessary evil. Without it, we'd have no way to gauge sanity and reasonable perspective.
  13. Anyone remember the dinner scene from the first Alien movie? It's the only thing I think about when women give birth.
  14. Usually ones near train stations are dirt cheap because most people don't want to be within hearing distance of the train.
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