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  1. I've always taken the stance that people just need to relax. Sure, anime will never achieve the success it had during the early 2000's boom, but it will always continue to exist over here in some form. Whether it be the cheaper DVD boxsets of now or internet services like Crunchyroll, anime isn't going anywhere.
  2. Finally decided to update my list after not having it updated in a while. Getting rid of the RPG club really screwed me up.
  3. What did he do before he got traded? I don't know, he kind of did win the Cy Young award last year with a 22-3 record and a 2.53 ERA. Also, despite the losing record with the Indians this year, he had a good 3.14 ERA which isn't that far off from Halladay's current 3.03. Then you can include what Cliff Lee has done since being traded to the Phils. That makes it obvious who has been better this year, and it's Lee. You also accuse me of not watching baseball and then you go ahead and judge a pitchers worth on wins and losses. That is ALMOST, although not quite, as dumb as judging a h
  4. Phillies were ready to give away a ton for Halladay, but the Jays got too greedy. Oh well, not that I care, we gave up much less and got Cliff Lee instead. Cliff Lee > Roy Halladay
  5. About to start watching Saki. I can't wait. I expect something just as awesome as Akagi, just in different ways. Akagi was total GAR and Saki is going to be total MOE. Also just finished Toradora and Taiga is a total bitch.
  6. WTF HIKO!!!! WTF OMG!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Let's troll until we get banned like we did back in the day............YAY!!!! loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli loli
  7. Cliff Lee to the Phillies. Makes them the favorites in the NL.........as if they weren't already, lol. See you in October.
  8. No, if it was the Oscars then Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson would have been in it.
  9. Seriously though, there is no anime that every otaku should watch. I say watch whatever the hell you want. I would even make the argument that you should avoid the "basics" since they are all overplayed, overexposed, and they aren't going to live up to your lofty expectations of them. The best recommendation I can make is to pick something random that you haven't heard of before and watch that.
  10. Lucky Star K-On Strawberry Marshmallow Kodomo no Jikan
  11. Phillies go on the road and start winning again, imagine that. I think they should play the rest of the season on the road with how dominant they have been. Seriously, they would have swept the Dodgers in LA in a 4 game series if it wasn't for Brad Lidge being such a fuck up. They had the lead going into the 9th in the 2 games they lost in that series only for Lidge to fuck it up.
  12. Not a HUGE amount of blood, but Akagi is the manliest show you will ever see. It's a mahjong show by the way, but I'm totally NOT joking about the manly thing.
  13. Oh dear, I haven't posted on a regular basis here in a LOOOOOOOONG time, and I am still hated. That is quite a legacy!!!!! anyway.............Alundra
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