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  1. I'm pretty sure I was too. New this year: brown suit, coat. I've done it before, true, but I'm improving on it.
  2. Oh, hey. I should post my halloween pictures here, too. These are from the Halloween edition of my roommate and I's radio show Friday Night and post-party Saturday Night
  3. mst3kjunkie


    I've known mine since May. MTRF: 9:55-10:45 Intro to Computational Science 10:50-11:40 American Modernism 11:45-12:35 European Romanticism and various points throughout the quarter (for group meetings) and in general throughout the quarter: Senior Project I
  4. Latest ep. is finally up on the blog
  5. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Best undergrad engineering school ten years and counting according to US News & World Report
  6. finals are done. yay! (my school's on trimesters)
  7. agreed. Plus they're not AE members (are they?).
  8. final scores: Rob-------------18 Vicki------------15 mst3k----------14 J-Stop/Gummi--7
  9. pool's closed. results sometime after the awards (it's finals week here)
  10. last chance to get in on the pool! Enter before 6 pm tonight!
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