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  1. Dumbest shit I've read all day. Oh my, you 1up'd me
  2. You know, you're right. Thank you for that. Also, le quote of yoda was tops. Alundra was just a dick about it. Good thing you don't take after him. Also, considering needLEEr's age, he only knows how to go about things in a childish way. Cussing her out or getting even isn't the answer.
  3. Area codes are retarded. Like what if you get raped in that area code, that tat will remind you of where you got raped.
  4. Nothing will change, everything that happens is destined to. Just let it be and try not to bother yourself with it.
  5. Well then, back to wanting one I am. Alienware's tech support is such fucking bullshit. You'd think cause you used to be in the warrenty thing they'd give you a hand over the phone. It's not like I was asking them to open my computer and Diag it. Anyways, I told them to fuck off and fixed my compter myself. Thing is, they lost a customer. My vagina hurts.
  6. lol, we need to spoiler tag shit. XD Well Chewy was pretty old when he bit the dust. Remember, he was around during the Episode I-III saga, and Yoda has knew him before EP.III. Also, I think it was needed to develope Solo's character and his lust for fucking boba fett up. What bugs me is I hate Boba fucking Fett and his fagot dad. I don't know if the movies made me hate him or what, but he's a little bitch. Not just that, he's a fucking clone that would suck his dads dick on command. CAN YOU TELL I DISLIKE FETT?
  7. Funny thing, Luke gets married later on.
  8. Not at the moment. I want to get ready for when it starts. Everyone tells me it's hard as fuck, especially if you failed the assessments like I did. Good points. Yeah, teaching yourself math must be hard as hell. Maybe I can get one of those books and ask a tutor to go over it with me. Or maybe just ask them to teach me whats coming up.
  9. I belive they have a math tutor. I should check that out. The thing is that my classes are very compact and I pretty much skipped math in high school.
  10. I suck at math. lols :( Do you guys recommend a certain book, method, tutor, whatevers, to be able to learn college math. I'm talking pre-algebra/algebra, and whatever else the basic math classes request.
  11. I think I am ready to commit to this religion. At least it sounds reasonable, not like all other religions.
  12. I MEANT I LOVE YOUUUUU CF, you made me not want an apple now. Ass
  13. Because she loves me, but doesn't know how to tell you without you going wacko and killing yourself.
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