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  1. Intel now can outperform aforementioned AMD server processor by 80% with half the cores.
  2. $4,000 AMD processors outperform $20,000 of Intel server processors.
  3. Intel made record 72 billion dollar revenues.
  4. AMD might get 20% market share of laptop CPUs in Q1 2020.
  5. Their stock price reached a record high.
  6. AMD has 40% market share.
  7. New technology for cooling laptops.
  8. I read no mention of a 1nm process. I only read a mention of 0.3nm process with "'2D assembly' materials". The 1.4nm process are supposed to have 12 silicon atoms across. I don't know how much more they can shrink the technology. I would assume though, if I needed to guess, that the 1nm process would come out 2031. Unless they take 3 times the amount of time to reach the next level of technology, like they did from 14nm to 10nm.
  9. Intel Roadmap: 10nm 2019 7nm 2021 5nm 2023 3nm 2025 2nm 2027 1.4nm 2029
  10. Intel have now actually released processors based on their 10nm process.
  11. AMD have released processors based on their 7nm process.
  12. Intel have released CPUs based on their 10nm process.
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