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  1. Artificial Evolution


    AMD is now selling twice as many CPUs as Intel.
  2. Artificial Evolution


    The upcoming 15W 14nm chips, Whisky Lake, come with Hardware defense for Variants 3 and 5; and Firmware defenses for the other ones. The upcoming 5W 14nm chips, Amber Lake, come with Firmware defenses for all variants. Yes, i know Variant 1 has OS based defenses for all chips so far; and that there are other specifics. I was originally more likely to buy an Amber Lake based razor thin laptop; more than a higher powered Whisky Lake based laptop. Now it looks like I'm more likely to buy Whisky Lake than Amber Lake because of the hardware based protections. I'm even more likely to wait at least one more generation to buy another computer. Until the point where there are hardware defenses for all variants.
  3. Artificial Evolution


    Intel Corporation's Cascade Lake is supposed to have a fix for Variants 1 - 5. Cascade Lake is for server processors, but this news tells us that Intel's regular chips should have fixes for these by the next generation, or the one after that. 10nm is postponed to the end of 2019 or 2020. ARM claims that they will have 5nm processors out by then.
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    I was wondering if I were going to buy a new PC once they came out with a hardware fix for Spectre/Meltdown. That would be 9th generation core processors? I would be waiting longer otherwise. Before that I was thinking I would wait for laptops as thin as you mentioned to be extremely capable. So far Intel has more in that space than AMD. I'm happy that there's competition now so that they all put more effort into coming out with better stuff.
  5. Artificial Evolution


    You haven't been on social media in years. Maybe since the last time people mentioned Kony on social media? Social media has been sucking. I'm not sure if I should ask you to go back to using it or not. You have your AMD Athlon avatar up during a time where it looks like AMD will win against Intel Corporation. The way things are going now, AMD is going to get way ahead of Intel. Intel are now taking at least twice the usual amount of time to shrink their transistors. AMD are going to be at 7nm soon, while Intel has yet to announce 10nm. Intel is going to try to argue that their 10nm is as good or better than others 7nm, but then the next thing that will happen will be Intel taking twice as long to go past 10nm while others go on to 5nm by then. It looks like your AMD Athlon avatar is justified. Who knows what will happen after 5nm though.
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    Hi Mitch! :)