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  1. Tiger Lake SuperFin NVIDIA 30- 8 Core Tiger Lake NVIDIA buys ARM.
  2. It didn't mention the 1nm process. I would guess it would be scheduled to come out in 2031 or 2033.
  3. Intel Roadmap: 10nm 2019 7nm 2021 5nm 2023 3nm 2025 2nm 2027 1.4nm 2029
  4. Intel have now actually released processors based on their 10nm process.
  5. AMD have released processors based on their 7nm process.
  6. Intel have released CPUs based on their 10nm process.
  7. Intel Corporation's Interim CEO is now their permanent CEO.
  8. Intel Corporation's Cascade Lake is supposed to have a fix for Variants 1 - 5. Cascade Lake is for server processors, but this news tells us that Intel's regular chips should have fixes for these by the next generation, or the one after that. 10nm is postponed to the end of 2019 or 2020. ARM claims that they will have 5nm processors out by then.
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