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    Because we’re unfinished and feared and we’re never pursued.
  1. Candie(Jasdero) + Bory [me, cumdumpsters](David)
  2. ... what the.. fuck? lol Oh OH. It's on Candie.
  3. I'm not really sure- I joined a year or two ago, but recently started playing it again. Here's the website though - you might know where to find what max level is on there lol http://www.deliverance-online.com/invision/index.php? Currently I'm in the clock-tower trying to reach lvl99 lol
  4. I know that server, but I play on Deliverance - small but fun.
  5. iRo.. I missed playing you so .. I am now currently hooked on Ragnarok Online again. woo.
  6. Never watched Buffy and I don't think she's pretty. The Winchesters are eye-candy to me and they hunt everything I'm into. Works for me ;) don't care how tedious it is, haha
  7. Oh yes.. they are quite pretty.. :d I've had season one and two for years, but I haven't been keeping up.. and out of nowhere I just decided I wanted to watch all of Season one and two and catch up to Season 4-5 xD I don't watch a lot of TV to catch anything on there.
  8. Oh-ho-ho. I'm keeping that picture, thanks ~ ;D I'm on a Supernatural kick lately.
  9. GS customers are the most retarded customers you will ever run into. I know. I worked there for two years. I've never met so many retarded people in one place.
  10. How awesome would that be. I want a clown in my window wanting to kill me with it's smile. I wish my life were like the Winchesters from Supernatural. Or at least like a ghost-hunter/paranormal group.
  11. Gamestops are fucking everywhere here. One can hope. I have a feeling that now that I'm home, the craziness will be lack there of. lol
  12. Huh... I always had the impression EBGames or GS was worldwide, maybe I'm utterly off my rocker. Though technically GS owns EBgames now lol __ On a few side notes. Exciting morning. I just leave a deadly potential situation (walking into my uncle's house that had the carbon monoxide detector going off somewhat.) and there is a skeletal T-Rex in my happy meal. Sweet. Deal.
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