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  1. It's Nora's Dress, I doubt she'd be happy if I tried to change it xD
  2. Now that would be fucking EPIC xD But I don't have the outfit, so no can do :P (I can't borrow one either, since no-one has it :P)
  3. Lol, that plug-in is sooo tiny, and it's always good to have a DivX plugin :P But thanks for linking the torrent anyway, some people might want to see it more than once, and now that's a good reason to download :P
  4. http://www.moviestream.se/video/450-Fuck_2005.html Site's in Swedish, BUT you should be able to find the play button :P (If you can't then you need a DivX plugin, find that HERE) If you need any epic translations from the site, just ask here :P Quote taken from IMDB
  5. Why thank you very much, good sir knight! :D Sadly I don't have many more of those pics, pretty much those I already posted earlier in this thread xD
  6. We need moar epixx of me! :P (note the EPIC umbrella in my tiny closet!)
  7. So here I am, once again forgetting my password xD But yea, I personally think that this could work wonders, if not, then there is always some other solutions to the issue of too few members. (Sadly I don't have any other possible solutions at this moment, but ideas tend to drop by every now and then :P) And on a side note, wow this new look is ugleh :(
  8. No, you are wrong. You will always be wrong. And trolls will own the universe!
  9. Ignoring the laundry wasn't hard at all, to be quite honest... I didn't notice it until I read what you said xD
  10. Don't remember getting any looks for having semi-long hair, but they did call me Bob Marley xD And they did look at me for dressing alternatively xD (Like yea, doubt they ever saw a man in a skirt before! :P) And btw, Egypt was frikkin awesome, so have fun dude! :)
  11. And now it's time to go to bed /o/ (It's only 9:42AM!)
  12. You'd be surprised as to how true that pic is. (in some cases I do find it rather disgusting, but it's better than USA's laws on the subject imho)
  13. Hey, at least I'm not that far behind xD Europe ftw, with uncut penises and /o/
  14. Or in the past!!!11 But yea, future most likely, anyway damn neanderthal Americans xD They're like 6 hours or so behind me! :P
  15. No, now you must be lying! D: It's actually only 9AM!
  16. Crube, you're forgetting something important... YOU'RE THE WHORE! ;)
  17. Well, then he probably wanted that, you just never knew it xD And Crube knows nothing! /o/ And my porn tracker isn't working atm :/ That kinda sucks :(
  18. See, sinners and perverts own! xD And that actually surprised me, he really didn't want you to grow a fur? D:
  19. Bet he wanted you to grow insane amounts of body hair, eh? :P Well, it's true! Humanity'd be extinct if we wouldn't be perverts and sinners :P
  20. Furry is BAD! (it eats your soul!) Ofc it is, why wouldn't it? Perversion keeps the world alive xD
  21. Guys, we've found ourselves a real pervert here! :D *cheers*
  22. Why thank you very much ^^ Lol dude, just might've been, but doubt it :P
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