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  1. I want to be a bear when I grow up.
  2. Happy belated bday, Teleport. Cher reminds me of a really snotty drag queen.
  3. Oh holy shit. I have a job interview this saturday.
  4. Paranoia is possibly the only emotion that makes me feel good about myself.
  5. Extremely happy for the first time in a very long time.
  6. Really fucking love it whenever I'm on a no sleep binge that depression strikes harder than a morbidly obese person on cake. This shits going to be fun to deal with.
  7. Dudebros. Bit of advice? Don't talk about how much your junk smells when anticipating head. P.s.:what's this about AE con?
  8. I'm going to be hitting on Canadian chicks and playing TF2 with my ex.
  9. Plotting out my first two tattoos. No idea where I can get money for either, but gathering around pictures to try and sketch out both designs. Nothing big just two small pieces to get me kicked off.
  10. My love for Mumford & Sons is growing. The Cave has to be my favorite by far. They are changing my opinion on the banjo.
  11. Here is why I have issues with the dress and protocol. I realize that Im in one of the only functions that grates against the LGBT community. But I've sat down, and explained my situation thuroughly to my superiors [the actual adults. I know the kids wouldn't give a second glance at me. ] and I've asked if I could just wear like a nice pant suit or fucking uniform that I wear on a weekly basis. I said I'd let them hack my grade for the ball that we recieve in half if I could get out of it. I'd pull whatever just to get out of wearing it. They said IF it was up to them, that they would let me wear whatever as long as I looked nice. But protocol stated that I had to wear an evening gown. Even for prom last year, I was nothing but miserable and borderline homicidal when I had to be put in a dress. I can preach about how it goes against my grain and how it isn't right for me and yadda yadda, shit nobody really wants to hear. This is why I have an issue: To me, I virtually HAVE permission to not wear one. The only thing standing in my way is the definition of the sexes to keep things traditional. My way of rebelling against this is bringing a chick as my date. Woo. TL;DR : Bitching at nothing I can't save because it makes me feel better.
  12. NOTHING. I joined ROTC and protocol states we HAVE to go to military ball and ladies HAVE to wear dresses.
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