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  1. July the fourth be with you, AE.
  2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain already feels like a MGS title without Kojima despite that he probably had more involvement in it than with 4. the story is lame, the boss encounters aren't unique or fun to play, the new characters are not interesting besides Skull Face (Quiet is straight up ridiculous and not because of her outfit), and the twist at the end undermines other major plot points in the series. It could have just ended with Venom Snake ripping his face off to reveal he was Johnny Sasaki's father all along. That said, I think the game itself is great. 90+ hours and it still hasn't felt repetitive yet. When GB ends up doing Metal Gear Scanlon V, Dan should take a shot anytime a character says "revenge" "phantom" or "parasite." Also I managed to only get three characters out alive in my first run of Until Dawn. No one got to go to the bone zone. :(
  3. good god almighty, the way Resident Evil Revelations 2 is being distributed is the worst. it's one thing to buy a game buggy and busted to the point of it being unplayable at launch, but a whole other thing when you spend the money on the season pass and then will not let you download the game. Resident Evil Revelations 2 is alright. i hate that they replaced the item finding mechanic in 1 with an even more tedious one. it's a step up from the first Rev, though. i'm playing the 3D Ocarina of Time remake on the new 3ds, and it still holds up! it's also good to have a DS with sides that are curved instead of hard square edges (like the DSi) that dig into your palms.
  4. the special effects on the new TMNT movie are pretty low budget.
  5. Miyamoto's favorite anime isn't HiLLKiNG: I Can't Believe My Husband Is a Propane Salesman? The slice of life action-comedy staring small town propane manager Hank Hill as he is thrust into saving the world's supply of propane with his giant mech. His catchphrase, in Sailor Moon-like fashion, before fighting off enemies is "I tell you what.... I'm gonna kick your ass!" The first arc is Hank finding out that his life long friend Dale is actually his rival, masked ace fighter pilot Rustii Shackleford.
  6. happy late birthday, AE! it's sad that the board is so inactive anymore considering other parts of the internet are/have been so shitty for a while now. but at least this happened Letterman -Mayonaka no Jikan-
  7. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F "Hey, you know how most rhythm games have a bar to simulate a real music staff so your eyes can follow the progression of the song? Yeah, let's not have that in our game. Let's just have the inputs pop up randomly on screen."
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