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  1. as i was browsing last night i came across this, ruh-roh. that's probably not supposed to happen. also, i'm thinking of dying my hair black tomorrow for the rest of the summer. pics to (maybe) come next week since i haven't posted any since my last birthday. doesn't it? i'd give up an awful lot to go back even a good four years and tell myself to enjoy it. back when i had more confidence, goals, friends, and mostly importantly, time. that small buffer or time before adulthood before you realize things like people, jobs, and relationships are soul-crushing things. a
  2. Crube is and ____________________________
  3. "Being older is strength. It's experience, judgement, discernment, knowing your resources. Youth is mistake and impulse." bumping this thread got me wondering what it will be like in 2020. you know how you see all those posts on facebook and list websites like "Click like if you remember (this)!" i wonder what those things will be for us in 10 years? click like if you remember Adventure Time, droid phones, call of duty games, Angry Birds, Billy Mays? i don't know, but in a way it's exciting and depressing to think about.
  4. besides the members i've already met in person, the three i really want to see the most are Neko, Crube, and Brian because they've always been there for me when i needed them the most. but really it would be awesome to see everyone from AE at some point in time. the members who have stayed and ones from the past who wandered out. if only to see what their life is like now. some are married, few even have kids, others have really nice jobs. back when we'd stay up until four in the morning in a AIM chatroom or here bullshitting about comics, video games, movies, books. now we're making comic
  5. i was pooping my pants and babbling incoherently in a effort to get food in 91. real talk. also someone mentioned choco tacos years ago in this thread. they make all different kinds now like mint and dark chocolate. i bought one the other day and they are tiny.
  6. alcohol: giving you the courage to spill out three years worth of held in emotions. i'm so freakin' happy and terrified at the same time of what i've said tonight. also,
  7. Coffee

    Video Game Quotes

    "But things had a habit of only making sense to me looking back long after I'd run out of time to fix them." -- Max Payne (Max Payne 3)
  8. ae is and ____________________________
  9. best buy has a bunch of $5-20 games this weekend. some of the $5 titles include Sin & Punishment Star Successor and Metroid: Other M (but you don't have to get that one).
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyTdB_3HBp4 i was thinking "Wait, is this a real video from 91?" but then figured it couldn't be because Sonic & Knuckles didn't come out until 94. real talk.
  11. http://www.cp24.com/...centre-1.886953 reading her twitter feed is ridiculously sad. WB is considering shutting down screenings for a while.
  12. xenoblade chronicles. i was skeptical about the reviews for it, thinking that it's probably only scoring high because of being a "good" rpg on wii, but hot damn is it good. even though all the high powered armor looks silly as hell in cutscenes.
  13. Naked Lunch - man, what. sherlock holmes: a game of shadows - better in some areas than the first, worse in others. i liked that it borrowed a lot from The Final Problem. (most of) season 1 of Hell on Wheels - it's alright. Colin's story is the only one that's interesting. wish they would have just made it a mini series.
  14. http://www.huffingto...r#slide=1201314 the stamp says "please be kind and rewind" for a reason.
  15. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-07-06/sailor-moon-manga-gets-new-anime-in-summer-2013 awwww yeeeeah. glad to hear it's a revised series and not just a movie project.
  16. it's a shame there isn't too many new updates to read today at AE considering this is probably one of the only places i go that won't be talking about the new Mass Effect ending before i can get a chance to play it tonight. i'm sure Kotaku has five new articles about it already. and sorry to hear about you're feeling down, Neko. it sucks that Neil would be a jerk to you during this time, your partner should always be someone you can confide in. depression isn't easy to get through, you only gradually get better with time.
  17. Coffee


  18. Coffee

    E3 2012

    Zenoclash II trailer new DmC trailer Project P-100 gameplay trailer stuff from Microsoft today: Halo 4 live demo Splinter Cell Blacklist live demo Tomb Raider live demo Black Ops 2 live demo Resident Evil 6 live demo Gears of War: Judgement teaser Forza Horizon trailer Fable: The Journey trailer EA: Dead Space 3 trailer / co-op live demo Sim City gameplay trailer Medal of Honor Warfighter live demo / multiplayer trailer Crysis 3 live demo Ubi: Far Cry 3 live demo Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer Avengers: Battle for Earth trailer Rayman Legends live demo Zombi
  19. Coffee

    E3 2012

    konami highlights: zone of the enders HD opening (nsfw boobies). will come with a demo for Rising. new metal gear rising: revengeance gameplay trailer castlevania: lords of shadow 2 trailer (warning: major spoilers for 1) castlevania: mirror of fate trailer. 3ds game, takes place in between LoS1 and 2, you play as a bunch of different Belmonts throughout the generations in their AU timeline. edit: had to change the ZoE and MoF youtube links to a articles because of the dumb youtube link limitations.
  20. Coffee

    The working life

    "How about I do some programming for your oil extraction site?" also works well as a pick up line. :hardgay:
  21. Coffee

    E3 2012

    since some screens of Dead Space 3 leaked, Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for 3ds was announced, and a new Gears of War has been teased, i figure it's time to start a thread already. konami is showing off their stuff tonight with a new announcement and a new trailer for Revengeance. other press events start on monday and tuesday like usual. maybe we'll finally see something on the new Contra besides the logo this year unless it was quietly canceled. get hype.
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