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  1. Jack & Coke and some rum on the side. should probably be sleeping but whatever.
  2. godsibbtestament for aim. I'm on most of the day usually or at least until 9pm on weekdays.
  3. thanks everyone who welcomed me. looking at all the other new member threads recently i'm not sure how to feel that i'm not one of the laundry list of new people here sent by Crube. :laugh:
  4. Coffee

    Status Report

    I've been so lovesick and sick sick lately that it's ridiculous. the past three days have been nothing but coffee, hooch, and NyQill.
  5. Thanks and i guess so lol since i've never needed to approach a guy or a girl for a date they always approach me.
  6. Long time lurker first time poster lol. Got a link to this site a long time ago for the graphics section but never found the time to join up and say hello. So hello everyone. :happy:
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