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  1. It is ridiculous to appoint somebody to promote diversity. The job should go to the best qualified rather than it be about appeasing everybody's desires to make everyone else feel like they are equals. Racism isn't really a huge issue now, this whole thing about pushing equality and shit is just promoting discrimination in other ways. Darwinism should play a role in how society works on an individual basis. The strong survive and get what they work for while the others have to deal with taking lower positions. Nothing to do with race or anything else.... And as for the white male never experiencing any hardships.... FUCK THAT! There are people of all ethnicities who experience poverty and some of the more horrible things in life. I just have to say this YOU WORK FOR WHAT YOU GET, DON'T ASK FOR HANDOUTS OR PLAY A FUCKING CARD!
  2. Dude, I can empathize with that completely. I gave my dad the chance though and it turns out that he is alright. Now and we have a pretty good relationship.... It wasn't my choice when I came back into contact with him or anything, but when it happened I was glad that it did... I don't know man... Good luck with all that, do what you feel is right since it is your choice and there is nothing more to it.
  3. Two-Part Invention for Keyboard No. 3 in D Major J.S.Bach
  4. Work at 6 in the morning... Can't fucking sleep... Doing an email migration and shit tomorrow for 10 fucking hours. Woo fucking hoo!!!! Can't wait until the end of the work day on friday so that I can escape the monotony that I face on a daily basis and go chill and relax.
  5. It is with you I would like to spent the rest of my life, conquering the world with you as my wife, I can do anything and this may comp as a surprise, But all I have to do is look into your green eyes. It is for you I know my love will endure, I'd die for you and of this you can be sure, The entire world could meet its demise, And from the ashes my love would rise. So walk with me now down this path's beginning, knowing that my love is never ending, For on this journey you can know one thing, that I can go without anything your love doesn't bring.
  6. The past is gone, Wreckage from past years, No longer does it haunt the future, I It's only remnants are lessons learned along with countless tears. What do I do now, Where do I turn? What is there out there for me to yearn? Left alone aside from thought, I sit here pondering whether I'm caught, Caught in a struggle to gather myself, To bring me to the future in good health. What of the present though? That's what I control, It seems to me the past and future make up my whole. Constantly analyzing the event of my past, Leaves me in the future quite aghast.
  7. It is weird how one mistake, As big as the ocean or small as a lake, can change your destiny and fullfil your fate? Down the wrong road I traveled so long, That when introduced to the right one- it felt all wrong, but with time and practicing patience my perception has changed, and I no longer feel like a mad-man deranged. My thoughts are concise and my mind is clear, No longer do I want to cloud them with altering substances like beer. Everything in life that once seemed out of hand, Now sits firmly in my command.
  8. Damn good fight last night for the belt. It would have been really close had Faber not broken his hand. Yeah, Jens is talking about retiring now and stuff... wonder if that will really happen. I dont know, good shit. It was the highlight of my weekend :headbang:
  9. He is a bad mofo. I think the other guy is too though. I think that Brown might keep the title. :eyebrows:
  10. Any thoughts on the rematch between Urijah Faber and Brown??? Brown went in there the last time and straight up kicked Faber's ass in the first round. I think that Brown is going to hold his title on this one... Any thoughts???
  11. I am in control. There is nothing ruling the outcome of scenarios in my life but me. Paving your destiny is something that you do on a daily basis whether you are paying attention to it or not. Outside forces throw different things at you but it is how you manage those oddities that ulitimately define the outcome of a situation. Blah.
  12. Has to start becoming content with himself. I don't need to look for anyone to approve of me or to be with me right now. I have enough shit on my plate.
  13. Wouldn't that kind of take away from the whole point of having a moderator? Anyone can just say "stop it," you have to have authority of some sort to be able to make it stop....
  14. Welcome, hope you enjoy, i know i have been for sure. :headbang:
  15. I feel for you dude, I am sorry to hear that you aren't employed right now. It has to be tough both financially and I really despise the immense boredom that I experience when I don't have a portion of my day eaten up by something. I've been thinking of something more than just what I am doing at work... If you are technologically literate and you have a skillset on either doing front end stuff or something, I recommend going to Computers/Technology when I make this new thread.
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