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  1. with Lunar DS..... the battle system, when you attack, you can't choose who you're targeting, which made it really annoying when one enemy is obviously 1 hp from death but your people decide to never attack him......until it's the last enemy. but yes the battle rewards system was bs, you'd clearly be better off just leveling with getting exp, then once you can one hit the enemies then just hoard the money and items, although I think actually the only way to get actually money to buy stuff was selling items and doing quests which was annoying
  2. apparently this Armored Saint - Reign of Fire
  3. Oh dear god the lunar for DS was horrible, for those who have played it you know if not I can explain further
  4. well I'm scared of lots of things.... actually only height a little lol what scares you?
  5. ah yes joys of being unemployed eh
  6. thanks, just randomly stumbled across it
  7. Well then, my name is Watt, I was just told about this place from a friend O mine and here I am...... hi
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