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  1. darkon

    Fantasy Football

    Hey I was just logging on to this board for the first time in a lifetime to see if we were still doing this. Guess we are. Game on suckas. Also, Aaron Rodgers is my keeper.
  2. I had to come back, as did so many others, to share my condolences with the whole AE community. I last heard from Amy a little over a year ago, we never were too close but early in 09 we talked on the phone a bit. I understood a lot about her from those conversations, and it was pretty clear then that she wasn't doing well. That was about the time most of us stopped hearing from her, honestly I didn't think much of it. Probably it was more due to us never having been too close, but I only thought of her a handful of times since I stopped going here. Usually it was when I went to call another friend named Amy and had our Amy's name come up before it. It's going to be a bit eerie deleting her number from my phone. Anyway, to everyone around here, I hope you're all doing well. I haven't been as good keeping in touch with most of you as I'd like, and there's little reason for me not to come around here on occassion to stop in and see how everyone is doing. But that discussion is for another time and another place. RIP Amy
  3. Madden Curse might have just struck in the 1st half of the NFL season. We'll see how bad Polamalu's knee injury is. Didn't look good in the replays.
  4. darkon

    MLB Thread

    Jeter was never supposed to be breaking records. I feel old all of the sudden.
  5. darkon

    NCAA Football

    Bradford is out. OU has no offensive line. Seriously thinking that BYU can pull off the upset.
  6. darkon

    NCAA Football

  7. ESPN's rankings are so dumb. They were probably made in 5 minutes by an intern who is there for the financial side of things, not the sports side.
  8. darkon

    MLB Thread

    Looks like it's time for the Yankees to begin to run away with the AL East. Meanwhile in the NL East, here comes Florida. We're looking at a lot of exciting playoff races this year. AL Central, Wild Card, NL East, NL Central, NL Wild Card, and potentially NL West.
  9. darkon

    Fantasy Football

    This one league I'm in basically does a draft over the span of a month. We all have the draft order, and since most of us can check it every day or so we usually get a round done in 2-3 days and after a month it's over with and then we have 3-4 spots to fill with free agents. It's too late to start that here, but a suggestion for next year.
  10. It's not that less active, I have less time to be online so I hardly notice it actually.
  11. Fedor deal fell through. 6 fights, $30 million guaranteed. Title shot for his first fight. Can wear as much advertisements for M-1 Global as he liked. A cut of PPV revenue would go to M-1 Global. And apparently, M-1 did not feel it was enough as they want to co-promote with UFC... thus making them an equal of sorts after Fedor retires or his contract ends and they part ways. I can understand why UFC would not do that from a business standpoint. Tito is back. Franklin vs. Belfort is the new main event of UFC 103, Hendo to challenge Silva for the Middleweight title most likely.
  12. darkon


    I'm expecting Shaq to make a lot of WWE appearances after he retires, especially after last night.
  13. darkon

    MLB Thread

    I can't believe how awesome that is dude. You saw everything it seems.
  14. Sarcasm. About 20 contracts from Affliction were absorbed by UFC, probably nothing will come of it unless they sign exclusive deals. Who is rumored to sign an exclusive deal you ask? Still in a believe it when I see it mode, but Fedor can really only go to UFC or Strikeforce. And I could see him in Strikeforce to do a match since he's been training and they have had a ton of people drop out of their upcoming event. Also read that ESPN UK is going to air all UFC events for "free" (You have to pay for the channel). With an agreement made between UFC and ESPN, I'm expecting there to be increased coverage stateside and the potential of UFC on ABC, the Spike contract prevents EPSN from airing UFC.
  15. darkon

    Fantasy Football

    Thread getting locked was an accident, not sure how it happened. Sorry.
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