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  1. Life is like a box of chocolates ya never know when you'll get banned
  2. We all know its number 1. :hardgay:
  3. i'm not your friend you evil bastard
  4. its the big drunk c lol a total of like 10 posts in a year
  5. yes i rock what can i say...drunk maybe :biggrin:
  6. I just had some roast beef it was meatylicious
  7. damn me and gummy bear cant go there for our honey moon
  8. GundamPilotSpaz (12:24:32 PM): JESUS FUCK GundamPilotSpaz (12:24:34 PM): it's early TheBigc12345 (12:24:39 PM): lol wtf
  9. for a second I thought this was gonna be a huge fight of opinions between GPS and Queer Bear of Doom
  10. Well thanks guys looks like I'll be getting it soon, just wanted some expert opinions on it lol.
  11. I own Hitman 2 and Hitman Contracts both for PS2 and enjoyed them very much, but I read some mixed reviews about Hitman: Blood Money. Some people say it's the best out of all and others say it's crap, I am deciding on to buy it or not if anyone has some reviews or suggestions please leave them here. Thanks.
  12. GundamPilotSpaz (11:42:00 PM): I gotta shower quick GundamPilotSpaz (11:42:01 PM): brb TheBigc12345 (11:42:08 PM): ughh can i come? GundamPilotSpaz (11:42:15 PM): just think of me naked and getting all soapy
  13. GPS call me in the morn if you want/need a ride to school. this is probably the only way i can get through to you.
  14. lol ask GPS about geometry he loved it sooo much he went back another year.
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