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  1. Baltar - thanks for sending out that facebook message, I had no idea. This was shocking, my condolences to everyone.
  2. Hirthy

    Physics Challenge!

    =D Give me a semester (taking physics...*shudder*)
  3. Hirthy

    Physics Challenge!

    Actually, you can solve a problem using physics. It just depends on accounting for all the variables involved, or generalizing as most textbook problems are usually done (for instance, assuming the center of mass of the helicopter is directly in the center of the turntable which is the direct center of the helicopter blades, assuming the rotational force is equal to the kinetic friction of the helicopter bottom, assuming there is no wind, etc). I'd also like to note that I haven't posted in like a year but this thread totally caught my attention.
  4. I thought it was kind of cool Kind of like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALapHYNSmoA I don't want to see an interview with an actor talking seriously, about normal stuff. I want to see them act! And mess with Letterman!
  5. sweetness I'm a Computer Science undergrad. There are heavy stereotypes for CS majors here.
  6. New addition: What's your major?
  7. Hirthy


    Wish I was home to see you, but I will say, good luck! Find the beauty in life.
  8. hello I'm hirthy I haven't posted in forever I caught this on the front page of the website and dunno if anyone saw it http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/03/magazine...rolls-t.html?hp
  9. april 4TH from 6:00-10:30p.m.
  10. Wow just got this email, so I might not even be going. but anyway-------------------------------------------------------------------- this friday march 7 THE AMITY TEEN CENTER IS HOSTING ITS MONTHLY GAMING NIGHT!! 7 to 10:30pm BRING YOUR GAMES, SYSTEMS, FRIENDS and IMAGINATION!! ALL KINDS OF GAMES FROM BOARD to XBOX 360!! PIZZA AND SODA!! Contact Mark with any questions = 203-623-3134 -- Anne Marie Karavas The Amity Teen Center 10 Selden Street Woodbridge, CT P: 203-239-1010 E: theamityteencenter@gmail.com
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