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  1. I wouldn't even consider relating what marie does to "arthouse hardcore porn on Xvideos", especially considering that she's being heavily supported by tao lin (a well known hatehimorlovehim author in the literary world(i've only read one of his books)). also, saying that because she doesn't have published work (I'm assuming because of the term 'blogger') in this day and age is a little ridiculous. I do hate and love what she does at the same time. and I'm glad that she's getting recognition but god damn if there is one thing that will make me uncomfortable until the end of time it's the way
  2. So, I'm fairly certain I've come up with a "finalized" version of the song, for now at least. I considered the feedback I got, listened to it a bunch, and edited it until I ended up with something I think sounds pretty much like what I envisioned. listenz This is based on the mastered version, but I changed a few things. I felt like Wind and I were rushing when we chose loops for the drums previously, and I wasn't really feeling the loop method anyway. However, rather than using the old ones, I created new versions of the old patterns with a more...advanced drum machine. I also
  3. We can cut the ragefest, it's pretty pointless. Thanks for the feedback doods.
  4. Eh, listening again this morning I realize it sounds more like I wish I was in a metal band or something. The drums are too distracting for what post-rock is supposed to be. Rocks, what'd you think otherwise? Any advice?
  5. http://soundcloud.com/vradinolfi/write-this-down-youll-thank-me-later-mastered Well, the explanation was covered by wind, I'm liking it a lot better now. Youse guysz opinions? I'm so tired.
  6. Thanks, I really appreciate it. It's a big help.
  7. I have to work on mixing it. I've never really mixed music before so it could definitely use some tweaking. The repetitiveness is intentional, I mean it is supposed to be ambient almost so, yeah. And yeah, played piano, everything, loopless.
  8. No loops whatsoever, I'll comment more later but that should be clear.
  9. I'll keep this short. I don't really have any technical musical background, except for playing drums for years and being in bands and listening to a ton of music. However, I've been trying to teach myself piano and theory and guitar and whatnot in some relatively unconventional (and probably not so helpful) ways. So, here is a song I've been working on. I'm trying to do something post-rock-esque. It's completely and entirely a work in progress. And a lot of you got me into post-rock, and a lot of you are musicians, so I figured I'd ask for some criticism/advice/thoughts/whatever c
  10. my steam id: ubcsagentx@netscape.net (yes, it's my e-mail, from when steam required one) EDIT: My display name is demian on there as well
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