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  1. I'm not too bad, you?
  2. New Coheed and Cambria, today is a happy day.
  3. That's what I said too...but lo and behold I'm back on the grind once again.
  4. I started playing WoW again. God help my soul.
  5. 4,440 bottle of beer on the wall, 4,440 bottles of beer aaaand that's another year 4,439 bottles of beer on the wall
  6. TItanfall. Having way too much fun.
  7. Artie

    Merry Chrimbus

    Merry Christmas AE!!
  8. Oh my god. I totally forgot about this game!
  9. Saw 65daysofstatic and Caspian last night. Oh my god I was 65 so fucking good.
  10. Such a good game, such a good book.
  11. I can't help but be upset over the death of Tom Clancy.
  12. 65daysofstatic and Caspian in NYC in November? Hell fucking yeah!
  13. No, it wasn't that but OH MY GOD DO I WANT IT! I fly a Prism Stowaway Parafoil. It's nowhere near as cool as that.
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