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  1. Finally got to fly my kite yesterday!
  2. So that's where that shirt got to!
  3. 65daysofstatic - AOD Such a hauntingly beautiful song.
  4. Can't stop listening to this one Maybeshewill song
  5. We will make a decade. So it is written, so it shall be done.
  6. I haven't gotten to meet any AE members other than the CT crew I've known for years and years :(
  7. Artie

    The working life

    That rules. Been working at Trumbull Highschool again installin' that ductwork. God the place is awful to work at, but prevailing wage! <3 Prevailing wage jobs. Been pushing 55+ hour weeks for the past three and a half months :awesome:
  8. I'm not really tall. Just like 5'-9", 5'-10", something like that. And yeah, that's Vincent's Alero. My car is off in the background somewhere.
  9. Darcie is adorable still I see. This is probs the newest pic of me I can find. Awesome quality bro
  10. Earthbound is an incredible game. FUCKING DIABLO 3. After ten long years I can barely believe I'm actually playing it.
  11. Learned how to play Aod by 65daysofstatic on the bass. yay
  12. MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker
  13. At the Drive-In - Arcarsenal
  14. Well the side of my car got destroyed on our jobsite today :/ I wasn't even in it either, it was parked. I don't know whether I'm hoping for it to be totaled or not.
  15. Artie

    IPB 3.3.0 SUCKS!

    Debugfest 2012
  16. System of a Down - Aerials
  17. Baww. Your pictures made me smile :) He's adorable!
  18. Artie

    Dear Esther

    Oh wow the remake is coming out already?? That's baller. I played the original and it was really cool and followed the development for a long while as well. It's amazing what Robert Briscoe can do with such an aging engine. Source was never meant to look this good. Here's his site if anybody is interested: http://www.littlelostpoly.co.uk/ he also did a bunch of work on Mirror's Edge and a couple CS:S maps as well.
  19. At least hell is warm. Cold makes my joints hurt.
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