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  1. so freakin true. damn bush with his NSA and giant yet secret satilite dishes.
  2. Artie

    Nintendo DS Lite

    eh it is gonna be more expensive i heard. at least be 25 bucks. i have also heard that it won't play GBA games which will suck, another thing is that it might have brighter screens. taht is all i've heard.. just give me my classic DS
  3. yea i agree. picard is better than kirk tho.
  4. ahh i see. very good...yes...
  5. yea i'm artie. who are you guys? i know ur form school but i don't know who goes with which.
  6. eh i still prolly won't get it. Maybe rent it, but unless i really like it i will pass it up. i bet there will be World of StarCraft like user.ini was sayin.
  7. yea i noticed. sry i was half asleep and almost collapsing on the keyboard. i still say it prolly won't be worth buying. Yea i hope they make a StarCraft 2 as well. I heard some rumors but i am not sure if they are beliveable.
  8. Starcraft Ghost isn't even an expansion to it. It is a totaly different game. It is a TPS. i will proly look at it then decide it is not worth buying.
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