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  1. It's the same way for me. Long as we all keep in touch in some form though AE will never truly die.
  2. the engineer on this job must've been smoking crack when he drew the mechanical plans for this building. He has ductwork running fucking everywhere it doesn't have to, and then some. Here is a (somewhat) accurate drawing to illustrate what I mean (don't make fun of it; I hate drawing in paint): and all he had to do to avoid four extra fittings (elbows and the small piece between the two 45deg elbows) was to bump the system up slightly at the source and add an offset fitting that moved it an extra couple inches to clear a wall. All of this before any branches off the main. Nope lets put in elbows and make the entire system both inefficient and not cost-effective at all.
  3. Also applies to me, except for the getting drunk part. Took care of that the other night. mmm mmm shitty ten dollar whiskey.
  4. Death Cab for Cutie - We Looked Like Giants This will always be one of my favorite songs ever.
  5. Death Cab for Cutie - Grapevine Fires
  6. If memtest resulted in no errors then your RAM is probably fine dude. If you really want to be sure run a Prime95 stress test.
  7. God I need to get that collection so bad. Yup! You just need a USB cable for the controller to set it up and use it (if you don't have bluetooth) and the motionjoy drivers from here: http://www.motioninjoy.com/ They recently got microsoft's digital signing out of the way so you don't even need to have your pc in Test Mode to use the drivers anymore. Just install them and set it up the way you want! It's pretty much the greatest thing ever. It'll even enable the ps3 controller as a 360 controller (which is how I generally have it set up since it's easier) for those games that are picky about having a 360-type controller.
  8. You need to lay down the line with your mother. Seriously. This shit isn't cool, has never been cool, and will never be cool. You can either tell her that this person means a lot to you and if she can't put her differences aside for you, her daughter, on your wedding day then she isn't welcome at your wedding. Your wedding is YOUR day. NOT her's. YOU need to make sure she knows that; No if, ands or buts at all. There has to be boundaries put into place between you and her, and not just in regards to your wedding. This is vital for you to lead a happy life with your family. You have to do what makes you happy, not just what makes your mother happy.
  9. Today may yet turn out to be a good day. Thank god, haven't had one in a while.
  10. The Bloody Beetroots - Warp 7.7
  11. :(( I'm sorry. I hope that it isn't anything real bad.
  12. Note to anybody who wants to get an iPad: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM APPLE'S SMART COVER. It will scratch the side of the device. Seriously. Their first party cover could potentially scratch the side of the iPad where the magnetic hinge sticks on. I noticed the scratching on my iPad yesterday, went to the Apple store in New Haven, they tried to clean the side while claiming it was "dirt". When that didn't work they finally admitted the device was scratched. The consierge who was helping me took the smart cover off his work iPad, looked down and immediately said "Oh...". Lo and behold the same exact scratching that happened to my iPad was present on his. Replaced my iPad and returned the Smart Cover. This poses another question, however. Which case do I want to get: The Evio Harmony: http://www.evioconcepts.com/harmony.html or The STM Skinny: http://www.stmbags.com/catalog/ipad-cases/skinny-ipad2/
  13. The keyboard controls work well enough...but my PS3 controller hooked up to the pc works out way better than the keyboard controls. I definitely suggest you do that if you play it.
  14. Just finished Bastion. I don't even know how to describe how amazing I think this game is. Time for New Game+
  15. Good thing I got seven million barrels of porter in the hold Seriously though. I'd buy everybody a round. Come. To CT if you want free drinks!
  16. I'm the last of the Irish Rover!
  17. Still playing Skyrim. Bastion, this game is absolutely incredible. One of the best games I've played in a long time. WoW (sigh) Dirt 3/F1 2011/Blur I bought way too much shit over the steam sale and now I have no time to play any of it :(
  18. A new monitor second video card for my pc. new digitizer for my phone since the old one self-destructed. 250 in gift cards to best buy from various relatives Got an iPad 2 with the gift cards with the rest out of pocket. Merry Christmas to me.
  19. Been having fun with my brand new linux server at work :awesome:
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