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  1. So, we doin' this or what?
  2. Pretty Lights is really talented. I especially love his new EPs he released last year FO' FREE Mastodon - The Last Baron
  3. Yeah I keep reading in some how the controls are spot on, but in a couple other reviews they bash the controls saying they're inaccurate. Seems like something that you have to play for yourself. Who knows what the reviewers were doing.
  4. I have a huge urge to post something...but I have nothing interesting to say. Yup.
  5. Because it's fun? That sounds AWESOME. Also said photo should be posted in the picture thread asap :awesome:
  6. Pretty Lights - Short Cut/Detour
  7. Well my office has power again...too bad the rest of my town doesn't. :/
  8. My power has been out for two days now, probs gonna be out for the next week unless CL&P is overestimating the time it'll be out. blah.
  9. Yup, I know that feeling. Same thing is happening to me with BF3 right now. I have no goddamn idea when I'll actually be able to play it.
  10. It's an incredible album. Justice is great
  11. My horizontally challenged friend always jokes how I should really be the fat kid. I AINT AFRAID OF NO SATURATED FAT
  12. I wanna be somebody's secret fuckin' santa too!
  13. samesies. I need in on this again.
  14. I sleep until 3pm on occasion, doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with you. I really need to get my 12+ rolls of film that are chilling all over my car developed.
  15. just ate a snickers bar. Last night I ate a bunch of food that was brought to the site of Occupy New Haven
  16. I had half a mind to attack one of my best friends last night. Pushing me too goddamn far.
  17. http://www.occupynewhaven.org/ I'm a member of our media committee. We deal with all PR and internet related responisbilities. Occupy New Haven started out incredibly strong.
  18. The Glitch Mob - Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul
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