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  1. well then...that's different :eyebrows:
  2. aww thats mean. I totally don't want to be at work right now. Today is going to blow ass.
  3. Coffee's my favorite deputy :awesome:
  4. Coheed and Cambria - Neverender
  5. I'll be attending a planning meeting tomorrow evening for Occupy New Haven. I'll be going to the protest as well.
  6. totally almost sliced the tip of my finger off today. The amount of blood made it look like I just ripped somebody's heart out while chanting
  7. So not looking forward to work tomorrow.
  9. My power is 100%it out and will be for the next few days. Trees took out power lines EVERYWHERE around me including cable and phone lines.
  10. OH GOD. LOL if you do start playing let me know.
  11. The National - Exile Vilify
  12. Guess who's OSHA certified. God the OSHA-10 course sucked
  13. Benny Benassi - Spaceship
  14. The shop only uses AutoCAD, and they just got AutoCAD BIM which Im going to be trained on as well. Aparently only ten different people/companies in my state even have it, so if anything Im going to have to use AutoCAD both at work and home, at least until I've gotten my chops back at it. Haven't actually played with it in a good three years. I have heard good things about Solidworks from a few different people.
  15. I've used AutoCAD for a good few years now doing some fairly complex stuff and I've never found myself wanting a coordinate system. I always draw with real units rather than wanting to base it on a cooridinate plane. Just like drawing on paper.
  16. I already did. I start on monday and begin a four year apprenticeship in sheet metal and Im going to be drawing for them with CAD.
  17. My Aunt and Uncle offered me a job at their sheet metal/HVAC company as a drafter and an apprentice. I'm kinda in shock.
  18. More like I was just being lazy.
  19. I think my Saturday night ended up fucking me up something severe. Shit.
  20. Bassnectar - Lights (Ellie Goulding remix)
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