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  1. Dear lord I was fucking hammered last night...and was still when I woke up the first time this morning until I got a drink of water and promptly passed out again. was a good time
  2. <3 Also I wasn't implying my 8800M was the same card. I was saying how it still runs fucking hot even though it's a mobile card. That's what it idles at on my bigass cooling pad, off of it its like 65c give or take. I know the.difference between mobile and desktop components.
  3. My mobile 8800 idles at ~55C without the cooling pad
  4. my 8800M GTS idles at like 41C on my crazy Zalman cooling pad. it peaks at about 70-80C
  5. Marty Robbins - Big Iron
  6. Skrillex - With You Friends
  7. I read that wrong just now :hardgay:
  8. 1 shot at a time at long range I meant, 3 shot burst works well too. mid to close you can open up with any lmg without any problems at all. Every gun is good in this game, it's just about finding which gun you like best. In BF2 EVER gun sucked ass except for the Special Forces G36 and the G36 that medics got. The game is much more about teamwork to meet objectives than just killing people anyway. Helping your team is by far the best way to level up and get new unlocks. I hate it when people refuse to play as a team in a battlefield game. Pisses me off something fierce.
  9. No it doesn't. Every LMG is very accurate, you just have to fire 1 round at a time. Every LMG is also inaccurate if you try to go full auto or longer bursts. You can easilly control its recoil with the mouse and 1 round shots. It's actually a damn good gun. The ironsights are fine, there are other LMGs that are much worse, like the M60. I can't stand its ironsights. Regardless I can plow through dudes pretty damn well with the base LMG, granted Im much more concerned about rezzing and healing my teammates as medic than anything else. The Recon in general is a very situational class, but regardless I roll with the spot or 12x at all times. My sidearm is enough for close range combat (M1911). I don't generally allow people to get close enough so the 12x sight is worthless unless they spot me and sneak up on me, but I make that slightly more difficult by deploying the motion sensor down range slightly.
  10. I personally didn't find that to be true at all. I loved both the default medic, assualt and sniper class weapons, and only ever use ironsights. The only upgrade for aiming that I found to be really amazing is the recons spotter scope or their 12x scope. Other than that I didn't find anything to be that needed to make you good. That being said the xm-8 and the xm-8 LMG are incredible.
  11. been thinking about my ex a lot for some reason. :|
  12. he was referring to the part where you said you beat LBP, since there's so much content available for it made by other players, etc
  13. I didn't seem to encounter any busy work at all. I enjoyed the entire game, gel levels and all. Haters gonna hate.
  14. oh man the gel levels were amazing!
  15. It may make a martyr out of him, but it also sure as hell means something to the people of the United States. Also Obama deserves full credit. He's the military's commander in chief and personally gave the SEALs the orders to kill Osama.
  16. Just got home from Darkstar Orchestra at Toad's. Was INSANE
  17. Just beat Portal 2. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Might be the best game I've played since Episode 2
  18. fucking awesome :headbang:
  19. :headbang: Happy birthday dude
  20. this just reminded me that I still need to hack my 360. I keep putting it off for no reason. It's easy too. This is the most likely of reasons.
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