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  1. sorry it took me so long to get back to you I still see some of you guys on facebook and it reminded me that this was a place that exists I've been okay, life has been super hectic all the time (isn't it always though) but I'm just cracking along I guess how's things been with the AE family?
  2. Hi everybody! How had you all been?
  3. because i want to contribute but i am too lazy to get a current pic so, graduation last year? yus. on the right btdubs
  4. Jesus this place has slowed down a lot.
  5. This thread title still holds true. I do want to bang buki so fucking hard.
  6. some stuff that I helped write.
  7. worgen hunter, worg pet. generally excited for this -- it'll give me a real reason to actually bother leveling alts. As it stands right now, I get unbelievably bored going through the same quests and the same zones and the same instances and etc etc etc.
  8. update mine Digiburn: 80 Dwarf Warrior: Burning Blade Thebornotaku: 23 Night Elf Rogue: Burning Blade Baseutai: 12 Human Paladin: Burning Blade that's it
  9. lololololol i finally hit level cap and i'm in s6/s7 pvp gear
  10. seen a few bands last night: In Flames Between The Buried And Me Three Inches of Blood The Faceless I was really there for In Flames (and they put on a fucking amazing show), but halfway during "The Quiet Place", I got knocked really fucking hard in my leg. I'm still limping around everywhere. =p
  11. I just read through the thread and realized how old it is. lawl
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