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  1. Kyoudai

    Warhammer 40,000

    I've done well with my Imperial Guard. But they are frustrating to play with. The shear number of difficult dice rolls I have to make just to wound a normal space marine are kind of rediculous. But yes, I definately have tanks. I have three Leman Russ Battle Tanks and one Basilisk. I also have two Chimeras and seven Sentinals... aside from the sixty Guardsmen and a squad of Storm Troopers. Oh, and my six heavy weapon teams. I learned the rules and got the hang of the game with the IG, but I don't really hold much love for them. Like I said, I hate how high I have to roll with them. But, my love for the mighty Leman Russ tank has caused me to reach out and discover an army I have already fallen in love with, and I haven't even played a game with them yet, or finished collecting them. That would be the Space Wolves. They are so damn awesome, and so is Father Russ. I am now "Forever a Son of Russ!" I am anxiously awaiting the new codex to come out soon in a few months so I can start to play with them. I'm collecting and painting now, and I never thought I'd ever paint. I refused to paint my Imperial Guard army. Are you kidding? Paint 60 little men that die if someone farts to close to them? No thanks. But the Space Wolves? Those are some BAD ASS marines. I have completely fallen in love with the Space Wolves... I love their style and their fluff. I want to track down the Space Wolves novels and read them now too.
  2. Yes, you are absolutely correct. And nothing, including being married, will stop my love of Nakoruru. Unfortunately I don't have any Nakoruru avitars or sigs ready on this computer. I'll have to get on that.
  3. Yeah, you guys can just call me Hiko. Man... I haven't been called that is a loooong time. I miss you guys!
  4. *Looks around* This place is new, yet somehow familiar... Have I been here before? Anyway, I'm Kyoudai, nice to meet you!
  5. Kyoudai

    Warhammer 40,000

    I have, quite recently, gotten into the whole "Warhammer 40k" hobby. ...as if I needed another one. But anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else here is involved in this hobby as well? If so, what army or armies do you play and which do you prefer? An Imperial Guard army sort of fell into my lap for a very cheap price. That's the only reason I got involved. Two months later a brand new Codex (rule book) was released for them, and suddenly I start winning every game I play with the Guard. So does anyone else do this Warhammer thing?
  6. I've been playing Warhammer 40k, but that isn't a video game. Hmm, where on the boards would I post something like that if I wanted to talk about it anyway? But anyway, as far as video games... thanks to the announcement of FFXIV, I've actually taken up playing FFXI again. I know, I know... New character, new server... Got a 60 Scholar now.
  7. Kyoudai


    Yes, this game is awesome. It is a true successor to the Guilty Gear series. Arc System Works knows how to make a great 2D fighting game, that much is for certain. I am personally a fan of Jin, and also use a bit of Ragna as well.
  8. Kyoudai

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I am obviously excited for this. Although, everything I've read about the new job system has me a little worried. They are purposely avoiding the traditional Final Fantasy job names? Why? I like them! Anyway, Square Enix knows what they are doing, so I'll just save any real judgement for when I (hopefully) get into the beta. I don't even care about Final Fantasu XIII anymore!
  9. Given Kain's attitude towards Cecil and Rosa, I could believe that was true. However, Rosa sure as hell doesn't act like they ever had anything. Plus, in all the 4 different versions of the game I've played through, they never say anything to that effect.
  10. Man, I remember this game. I had really mixed feelings about it. I liked it, but at the same time, I didn't. I later found out I only liked it because it had the name Final Fantasy on it, and that it was actually a SaGa game. Well, I've never played a SaGa game I liked. they are all garbage, in my opinion....
  11. This just keeps looking worse and worse. Looking at the trailer I'd say it isn't a Dragonball movie at all. Its more like a movie "loosely inspired by the Dragonball universe."
  12. Kyoudai

    Doomsday Engine

    I was beyond obsessed with DOOM when it came out for PC back in the day. I got a computer just to play it. I would LOVE to play them all again with this awesome new engine!
  13. Uh, hey guys! Do you guys still post here? Just wanted to drop in and tell everyone what I've been up to. My job and my fiance take up pretty much all my time. SO if I ever do get a free second, I like to try and get some gaming in, so thats why I'm almost ever on AIM or the forums or anything like that much anymore. And yeah, I said "fiance". I'm engaged. I'm getting married on September 13th 2008. So I'm trying to get through the process of picking out stuff for the wedding that I really don't care about, like flowers and the color of the wedding, and center pieces and crap like that. And I'm playing Disgaea 1 again. Its fun, I never messed around with the post-game stuff the first time around. Oh, and Flonne still kicks ass,
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