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  1. Well nobody else went for the obvious joke! I couldn't just let it sit there.
  2. Still saving up money for the surgery.
  3. Every time I see the picture thread I cannot help but wonder when do we actually get to bang Buki?
  4. Math be making bitches retarded up in here!
  5. And so I've changed my display name.
  6. It's not that sudden, I've been away from this board for a couple of years. lol
  7. I believe Darcie and Jenna can unite us with their combined hotness.
  8. Can I just say it's weird to see everyone mad at someone else?
  9. I mixed some Starbucks Via with Samuel Adams Octoberfest with VERY results.
  10. I want a bowl of Buki and Count Chocula.
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