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  1. :wink: Welcome, it is knida cooky here, but its all good...Hola if ya need me! Laterz
  2. :blush: Thanks...hehe. Yea, I was out most of the day ysterday, but when I did get on, your AIM message said you were asleep. But thank you and ttyl. :wub:
  3. Thanks everyone!!!! Well, Amy and Zack, but thanks. But I'll talk to you two laterz, or anyone else for that matter...LOL. Layerz... ;-D
  4. Thanks for the..snug..gle...AIR, pl..ease...AIR! Here if ya needs me. :wink:
  5. :biggrin: Welcome back...granted I'm new, but still, its the thouht that counts. Right? RIGHT!? Sorry, -breather Rain, breathe- Ok, I'm alright now. I think. I am. Anyways...TTYL! :happy:
  6. Thanks for shout out Amy. But, I'll eave all be...I'm here somewhere if ya need me :wink:
  7. Welcome, im pretty new too...and they guys are kinda nice.... hehehe...just wish we had more time to talk to em....AIM me or PM me.
  8. I just want to say Caine, I love your avitar...my question is, Stars fan, or Sabers fan? Just curious. And as for the universe being replaced by something more rediculous (I cant spell right now) it is a possibility. Anywhosel...laters :closedeyes:
  9. I'm bored too, just trying to find something to do, or people to talk to...so, either ttyl, or not. :wink:
  10. :blush: Thankies all...Hehehe. Anywhosel...talk to everyone later... :wub:
  11. :tongue: Thanks everyone! *pixie sticks for all* Sorry, old forum thing...anywhos...Feel free to PM, IM or post if ya need...or just want to talk...Laters :wub:
  12. Sure...*shakes head* I miss my friends like you...lol. But no, seriously, I'm not. -Or am I???- Hits head* 'Stupid voices' I said that out loud didnt I? hehe...gotta go.
  13. Thanks all...And yes, Ronins kicked ass. BUT, I remember when it came on, I think 27, and Bananas in Pajamas was on before it. My brother and I recorded it and that stupid theme song was on the first bit of the tape...anywhos back from side tracking...Another random question....LOL...You ever talk to someone, online, in person or on the phone, and you just get this vibe from them? I mean seriously, I'm asking honestly. Anywhos... ttyl. :wub:
  14. :blush:Thanks...One of my old friends from AN told me about the place. Anywhos... :blush:
  15. :buki: Hey all, the names Laura, or Rain, whichever you prefer. But, here I am. If you have a question, ask it, I'll usually answer it. And my rant for the evening...I WANT MORE RONIN FANFICS!!!!! Sorry, I just love the RW, they kick so much ass. There's so many Inuyasha fanfics, and Yu Yu Hakusho, which I love both of as well, but I grew up with RW and, and, I NEED MORE!!!! Sorry, -breathe in, breathe out- Did I say that out loud? -SIGH- Well, here I am. And I want the Ronin Lounge back. Sorry, I think I'm done. Laterz... :wub:
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