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  1. I've been watching some Dr. Who on SyFy which pisses me off. They showed the Stolen Earth but not Journey's End. Seriously, what the fuck? Isn't it awesome?
  2. Do something long and time consuming. I ride my bike all day when I'm bored, I know someone who walks all the time, and of course I know a few people who tinker with things (cars, computers, things that go boom, etc.) If you like reading, go to a bookstore or library, if you like gaming hang out at a game store. The point is, find something you like and do it, and failing that, try random things until you decide you like one of them. The other strategy is to stop worrying. High school can rock if you figure things out. I sort of figured out my junior year and by the end of senior year I realized how awesome HS could be. It's an excuse to hang out with your friends all day long. I know some schools have harsher rules that make it more difficult, but at most places if you figure out the right way, it really is just a way to hang out. I know that right now it may not seem like that, but it can be.
  3. Vermont is awesome. Burlington is one of the cities I really want to spend some more time in, and Vermont is one of the few places in the East where I want to do a lot more biking. Vermont is also one of the two places (the other being Canada) that really started me drinking coffee.
  4. Sure she was. I understand that. That does not make her statement not a statement that she is superior by virtue of her race. Until you tell me how that interpretation is wrong, I will consider her statement racist. Like I said that's not my biggest concern, but it is a point that I find valid. As I said, the fact that one is white/male/[insert privilege here] does not mean that one cannot experience hardship. And if anyone wants to use white privilege to make a judgement that automatically makes one group superior to another it is racist; the person making that judgement needs to either accept the racism and defend their position as such or back down. As a final note, there's little more entertaining than two groups debating who has it worse, or whose lack of privilege is more important. not that I'm necessarily disagreeing with your statement about class, I'm just saying that in my experience those discussions tend to be none too productive, and unless I want a flame war I stay out.
  5. Congrats to the Pens. Much as I dislike the superstar mentality, it won them a cup.
  6. I hear you. being back home for the summer I'm probably going to put on some weight. I need to start biking more, even if it's just to work and back. 15-40 miles a week just isn't enough, especially since some of that is pretty leisurely.
  7. Marry- Leia - she's a princess Bang - Sarah Connor - would solve the whole time paradox problem, John Connor is actually my son, not that dude from the future's. Kill - Deanna Troi - I never was a real Star Trek fan Joss Whedon Neil Patrick Harris Nathan Fillion
  8. It's good. I wouldn't say great, but definitely good. I haven't read any other Heinlein (though a friend of mine is trying to get me to read Moon is a Harsh Mistress, but while reading Stranger I couldn't help but remember the words of Spider Robinson "It is never safe to assume that the opinions of a protagonist are the opinions of the author, even if the protagonist is made to seem a reasonably nice person," a problem he finds in most Heinlein criticism.
  9. Yes, but more is better here. I know people of the opinion that no resume is too strong. It sounds like the only advantage to the retail job is security, so it's a gamble. Do you take the thing that's better in the short term and hope or the thing that's secure but has less upside? Like I said, I'd advise you to take the risk, but I'm not the one with his financial security on the line.
  10. You feel lucky, punk? I think that's what it comes down to. The internship is a gamble, but if it pays for now and it builds your resume it is definitely good. The only question is if stability is better. It's not my life, but I say go for the internship.
  11. I'm an unrepentant sci-fi junkie, so here goes: Foundation by Asimov - the series is good, but the first book is, in my opinion, clearly the best. Lord of Light by Zelazny - the technocracy walks the earth as Buddhist Gods Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - a man hunts androids and questions his humanity. sounds way less awesome than it is World War Z: how humanity responds to disaster, with zombies and a very in character author On the lighter side: Terry Pratchett - excellent satirist. Night Watch and Thief of Time are my favorites so far Douglas Adams - I've only read the Hithhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but that's enough
  12. Gummy touched on this, but here's my take: I have a friend who happens to be a white male. He sometimes refers to himself as not being a functional human being because of his health problems. He cannot return home because the air quality is so poor he will be in the hospital within 24 hours. His boyfriend was somewhat mad at him when he took a cross country flight, because he easily could have died. He cannot afford health insurance and thus cannot afford treatment that might prolong his life (it might not, one of the possible side effects was listed as "death"). I submit that while there are less fortunate people in other categories, that man, despite being a white male, is less fortunate than 90% of any demographic. White males do not have the experiences of being female or non-white, that is obvious, but to say that they are incapable of experiencing hardship or lack of fortune is wrong. Also, "if she meant what I think she meant" is something one shouldn't have to say about a judge's words. This wasn't a decision, but she needs to be careful with her words when it matters. anytime someone cites race as a reason for superiority it is racist, yes. I see no reasonable interpretation other than that her hope is that by virtue of being a latina woman, the latina woman will make superior judgements. That is superiority by virtue of race, and I know of no better word for that than racism.
  13. So last night I saw this awesome commercial for Molson, and it got me thinking, what are some of the most awesome commercials ever. For starters, here's the series of Molson commercials that I loved The Code
  14. Finished Stranger in a Strange Land the other day.
  15. It is pretty inconsequential. That doesn't mean I agree with it. mis-spoke? What did she mean to say, then? Did anyone expect less? No. On the whole she probably will be a decent SCJ she clearly and distinctly uses the word "better." That is definitely a judgment of superiority. In the end, I think she'll probably be an acceptable Justice, but to be honest I find the logical fallacies in that speech to be more offensive than her statement, which I simply find mildly disconcerting.
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