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  1. So I updated. Hope to do it more often over break. Had a really shitty time at school and it interrupted my uploading.
  2. Monday:Intro to Feminist Theory (10:35-11:25), Existentialism (12:35-1:25), 17th Century Philosophy (1:35-2:55) Tuesday: Intro to Shakespeare (10:05-11:25), Development and Underdevelopment (11:35-12:55), Intro to Shakespeare conference (3:05-3:55) Wednesday: Intro to Feminist Theory (10:35-11:25), Existentialism (12:35-1:25), 17th Century Philosophy (1:35-2:55) Thursday: Intro to Shakespeare (10:05-11:25), Development and Underdevelopment (11:35-12:55) Friday: Intro to Feminist Theory conference (10:35-11:25), Existentialism conference (11:35-12:25)
  3. Big Black- "Bad Houses" Great, but I think I still prefer Songs About Fucking.
  4. I guess you were before my time too, nice to meet you.
  5. Was awesome. I also thought it would be more ham handed than it was. Wikus was a very interesting protagonist, in-so-far as how unlikeable he was at the start, and how much and how he changed over time.
  6. When I bought it I was about 70 pages from finishing Perdido Street Station and that had a boarderline tragic ending, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. The Scar by China MiƩville and Bakunin: The Creative Passion by Mark Leier. The latter is a biography of Bakunin, which I got for 70% off at Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge. :D
  8. Jade Cacoon was awful. I don't think the FF games are too great, but the one that sticks out as REALLY bad is II. If you get stronger, you get dumber. Wtf?
  9. wat Anyway, I updated for the first time since freaking April. Enjoy the Folk, Swedish Swing Jazz Hip-Hop and Dark Ambient.
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