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  1. So I updated. Hope to do it more often over break. Had a really shitty time at school and it interrupted my uploading.
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    Monday:Intro to Feminist Theory (10:35-11:25), Existentialism (12:35-1:25), 17th Century Philosophy (1:35-2:55) Tuesday: Intro to Shakespeare (10:05-11:25), Development and Underdevelopment (11:35-12:55), Intro to Shakespeare conference (3:05-3:55) Wednesday: Intro to Feminist Theory (10:35-11:25), Existentialism (12:35-1:25), 17th Century Philosophy (1:35-2:55) Thursday: Intro to Shakespeare (10:05-11:25), Development and Underdevelopment (11:35-12:55) Friday: Intro to Feminist Theory conference (10:35-11:25), Existentialism conference (11:35-12:25)
  3. Big Black- "Bad Houses" Great, but I think I still prefer Songs About Fucking.
  4. I guess you were before my time too, nice to meet you.
  5. Was awesome. I also thought it would be more ham handed than it was. Wikus was a very interesting protagonist, in-so-far as how unlikeable he was at the start, and how much and how he changed over time.
  6. When I bought it I was about 70 pages from finishing Perdido Street Station and that had a boarderline tragic ending, so I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. The Scar by China MiƩville and Bakunin: The Creative Passion by Mark Leier. The latter is a biography of Bakunin, which I got for 70% off at Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge. :D
  8. Jade Cacoon was awful. I don't think the FF games are too great, but the one that sticks out as REALLY bad is II. If you get stronger, you get dumber. Wtf?
  9. wat Anyway, I updated for the first time since freaking April. Enjoy the Folk, Swedish Swing Jazz Hip-Hop and Dark Ambient.
  10. Sorry SD, I'll get on that.
  11. Jon LaJoie- "I Kill People" "I'm the Anthony Hawkins of cock The Albert Einstein of dick I'm The Beatles of cumshots The Mozart of huge balls The Anne Frank of erections... Wait that's inappropriate"
  12. Seeing Cat Power on the 12th. <3
  13. You need a Player's Handbook to fully play. I'd also suggest you check out the d20 SRD. It's most of the information from the 3.5 core books and Expanded Psionics Handbook, for free, and easy to access. Anyway, you should be familiar with the combat rules, of course, both the basics, and at least have an idea of more complex stuff like grappling. Basically, just read through the combat section of the PHB. Also, read through the skills section of the PHB to get an idea of how those work. Also, make sure you understand the classes your player's are playing, and how to play your monsters to their best effect. Also, here's an encounter calculator. That'll help you out. A challenging encounter should use up about 20% of a party's daily resources. So like 3 to 5 encounters a day. At 1st level, they won't have as much endurance, but it improves over time. Don't worry about making mistakes. It happens.
  14. I finished Half-Life 2 for a second time (in 8 hours less than it took me originally) two days ago. I started up games in System Shock 2, Fallout and Baldur's Gate 2 today. I'm a Marine in SS2; my character in Fallout is an outdoorsman type named Overbeck, with high agility and perception, training in Small Guns, Outdoorsman and Doctor, and Thin Frame or whatever it's called trait; in BG2 I'm an Inquisitor, which is a Paladin kit. I have 18s in Str, Dex, Con, and Cha, with 13 Wis and 9 Int, so I think I'm doing well for myself thus far. I'll be going through the game with a player made NPC Sorcerer, which should be fun. She's romanceable and has dialogue with all the other official NPCs.
  15. Last week of school. I'm behind though, so I'm a bit worried. I also missed some class last week, some of it legit (my grandma died). Not particularly bummed really, because next week I'm going to Boston for a few days by myself and will be staying with my room mate Jim, and meeting up with our room mate Alex for a bit. Jim and I are also seeing a Cat Power concert, so I'm quite excited for that. Summer's winding down fast, it feels like. I have 3 days between the end of school and my Boston trip, and then only 11 days after that until I return to Montreal. I'm excited for school though. I've been working out, in the hopes of getting a bit more confident. I feel pretty good overall, but I haven't lost as much weight as I'd like. : \
  16. Which edition are you playing? I'm assuming 3.5 or 4.
  17. I fapped. Anyway, I totally want to upload some Blood Brothers when I get the chance.
  18. It's so cold in here. Freaking AC in the classroom. Lately cold has seemed colder to me.
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