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  1. Naw man, those are mainstream activities now.
  2. What? I don't believe so.... I could be forgetting something.
  3. I really need to change my avatar and sig
  4. Finished L.A. Noire - Underwhelming. Got boring about 60% through Now playing Kirby's Epic Yarn, it's pretty good. It's the most relaxing game I've ever played.
  5. Looking through the picture thread and my only reaction is "HOLY SHIT EVERYONE IS AN ADULT NOW"
  6. Still making my way through Stranglethorn Vale
  7. Maybe the person hosting the site will change their mind.
  8. All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.
  9. I just need to figure out how to hook up the Dot Matrix printer and we're good to go!
  10. Citizens of Earth, rejoice. Your Lord and Master stands on high... playing track 3!
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