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  1. My mom says the same. She thinks they are casing the place, and I think so too. I'm trying my best to keep an eye out but damn, I am tired. I hope it is a bunch of dumbasses wanting to steal from me so I can break their kneecaps. They would be pretty damned stupid to do it since I've talked to my neighbors. I got two other people that live here though, and I will sleep with one eye open...
  2. Fuck no, they are getting what I got, whether I go deaf and break my back from it is of no concern to me Seriously though, I will probably just beat the shit out of them with my baseball bat if they come in. Meantime I will sit on my porch with the rifle to send a clear message. I talked to Ford Credit and they are not after me, I only have 2 payments left and there is no reason they would be after me. What a fucking weird world we live in. This shit should not be legal no matter who is doing it.
  3. I'm having a bit of a problem that culminated in me calling the police today and filing a report, in tears and shaking no less. For the past month or so, there has been a car stopping in front of my house right when it is starting to get dark outside, for just a moment, and then speeding off. Well, at about ten til six this evening I was sitting here doing a take home quiz for World Literature that was due tonight to send to my instructor (I didn't feel like going to class so I told him I had a flat). Glad I didn't leave because here comes Mr. Strange White Man in his fancy sedan, stops right in front of my car, takes a picture, and then hauls ass down the street. No, it wasn't my teacher, but someone I have never met, and I have no idea why anyone would be photographing my car since it is not being repossessed. This is at least the third time this has happened, and dammit if he wasn't coming from the wrong direction and I couldn't get his plates. My mom thinks they want to steal my car, I think someone is spying on me but have no idea why. I haven't had a boyfriend in nearly a year and hardly know anyone in this town. I don't deal or buy drugs either, so all that comes to mind is a creepy pervert stalking me or thieves checking out my house and car. I was pretty shook up and told the man across the street what had been happening and he said he will be looking out for me. Luckily, my 6'4" 250lb brother just moved back in, and I've got a big guy renting my basement from me. I will also be triple wielding a baseball bat, machete, and Mosin Nagant if I see him again. Looks like it is going to be a long night for me.
  4. I live in a decent neighborhood in close proximity to a shitty one, and there are vagrants constantly walking around looking for shit to steal. One day about a month ago I saw this skanky old woman trying to steal my neighbor's newspaper. My sister shouted at her "Ma'am, that doesn't belong to you, you need to put it back," and scared the living daylights out of her. She even jumped. Now I have the upper hand because I know where she lives. I let her pick up pecans from my yard on Christmas Eve, and it was about to rain so I took her home. Haven't had a problem with her since. Last thing that got stolen from me was this awesome ash cup I had in my car that my mom gave to me. It had a lid that flipped up with an LED light so you can see it at night and I loved it. Some dick got into my car (my sister left it unlocked), took the cup, rummaged through my glove box and left my registration and insurance cards on the passengers seat (which I assumed my sister had done). I didn't notice it was gone until I was 20 minutes away from my house. I was ready to kill. Other things stolen: 18 lb. bag of cat food, tape deck from my VW Beetle, Rubbermaid tub, bicycle, rake... I'm calling the cops next time I see anyone suspicious walking down my street. These people are the scum of the earth. Next time I hear someone on my porch I am running out, dual wielding machete and baseball bat (I keep them in my bedroom).
  5. It looks like the original release Tactics isn't going to be paid for (it ended up at $41), so if anyone is interested email offers to lainhartj@bellsouth.net It included the official strategy guide and is not sealed. I can sell them separately as well. Yeah everything sold, but 2 still haven't paid and I need the money ASAP to get my bank account in the green. Sorry I didn't come back to answer your questions guys. Thanks for your interest :) Have a good weekend!
  6. I took down Xenogears. My other items are doing very well and this one had no bids, and while testing I decided that I NEED, not want, to play it. I've been waiting and waiting to play this and it's about time I do.
  7. I'm gonna stick with auctions for now since I need money now and don't want my stuff sitting on Amazon for God knows how long. I've never sold on there so I don't have a seller rating and that could hurt me since I need to move these pretty damn quick. If it doesn't sell I'll let you know what I come up with price wise. It's late and my brain's not working at full capacity so I'll figure it out tomorrow.
  8. I may do that. I originally looked to Amazon for selling and changed my mind to eBay because Amazon took what I thought was a high percentage, but in reality I'm probably being charged more by eBay. They're crooks, and so is PayPal. I'm going to look at Amazon's policies again. I could do much better on there. Thanks for reminding me!
  9. Hi guys. Got some shit put up on eBay cuz I'm broke. Mostly a steaming pile of Squaresoft. No reserves and everything but Einhander is in really good shape. Please take a look: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/hopelesspyromantic I have for sale: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (only one that starts over $9) Bust A Move 4 Siren Final Fantasy Chronicles Final Fantasy Origins Threads of Fate + Strategy Guide Final Fantasy Tactics (original release) + Strategy Guide FF Tactics (Greatest Hits) Never opened Xenogears (Greatest Hits) Siren Clock Tower 3 Legend of Mana Final Fantasy VIII + Strategy Guide Final Fantasy VIII w/o guide Einhander ($.99 starting bid) Now up to $8.55. Apparently I had a treasure and didn't know it. Others are going for over $50. Parasite Eve (Greatest Hits) + Strategy Guide Brave Fencer Mushashi w/Demo Disc Vagrant Story w/demo disc Chrono Cross + Strategy guide Chocobo Racing EDIT: Games tested today and confirmed in working order. Even Einhander :)
  10. I've got some games for sale on ebay. Maybe not "great" games but I'd love it if you looked anyway There's 13 or 14 on there, PS2, GC, & one Wii game (lolcatz2). No reserve on any of them, most under $10 starting bid. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/hopelesspyromantic Help a poor bitch out! This is my last ditch effort before resorting to exotic dancing. Save me from whoredom!
  11. Well I got a payment plan worked out with Chase's collections department. Funny thing was that I was asking the homeowner's assistance department for help, they never got back to me after 2 months of me trying to get a hold of them, then finally the other day I got them on the line and they couldn't help me, but lo and behold, the collections department could. Ugh, if I would have known that back in October I may be caught up by now. Jesus I hate banks.
  12. You see, I didn't know he would show up drunk. PLUS, if he did I thought he would either leave or commit suicide, either would have been fine with me =P
  13. Scott Weiland for President :whistling:
  14. Hi everyone- I'm in a real bind here and I hate to do it, but I'm begging for help. Thanks to some pay issues I'm now two months behind on my mortgage payment, and I'm running out of options. If I lose my home, so does my brother, my sister, and her baby. If you can spare some change, I'm taking donations through Paypal. My address is lainhartj@bellsouth.net Thank you for your time and friendship. I love you all dearly.
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