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  1. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.
  2. I kind of like the new talent system
  3. they nerfed the spin :( I am happy to see the mantis assholes from metropolis zone still suck the dick
  4. it is microtransaction based but there's also an in game currency that you can buy everything except costumes with which don't affect gameplay at all also add esune to your friends if anyone actually plays this
  5. troN


    I don't think elite cares anymore
  6. I would also like to state that i fucking hate wireless and networking in general, shit makes no sense
  7. idk what addons or macros or whatever you roll with but i always found grid and mouseovers worked great
  8. I'm not usually too good with stuff like this but RIP Amy :(
  9. oh snap i never noticed this either, add McNutjob for steam
  11. mmo champion is usually fairly accurate I'm probably going to stick with my DK in cataclysm, the new spells look pretty cool and i have too many crazy achievements and titles to want to give them up rofl
  12. i just out DPS'd everyone in a toc 25 using an ashkandi
  13. my cool score is higher than yours
  14. Download rawr and make sure to set it up right if you want accurate gear comparisons maxdps is crap
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