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  1. Keldon

    Wii Discussion Thread.

    I'm getting Zelda, Metal Slug Anthology, Trauma Center for starters.
  2. Played and beat the original it was pretty good stuff.
  3. Keldon

    Who got a DS Lite?

    I got mine yesterday, its good stuff.
  4. worked perfectly, thanks
  5. My brother fucked up his warlock by removing the original attributes path and redoing them against what i told him to do and his character is shitty now. So i have two questions. A. How did he remove the talent points that were already placed to reuse them? B. Can I do this again to fix what he fucked up?
  6. Keldon


    eh, the first one sucked anyway
  7. http://cloudinssbb.ytmnd.com/
  8. i peed myself when i read this
  9. it will be good stuff
  10. Funny enough the Pearl jam cd was leaked via Woolsworth UK digital download website on the 17th.
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