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  1. i still check this thread every month. FML.


    Legacy or no, Smash the gender binary dawg
  3. so... how bout the Trumpster, you folks super hype on this guy or what?
  4. Can this list include both PC and console titles?
  5. Also, DEMONOIDS BACK MOFUCKAAAAAZZZZZ. Although not a single thing is being seeded. Ha.
  6. ^ Word, i still got it. yeah, we gotta jam again soon. I reeeeaaallly want to start a project. Is Hellships still sailing the seven seas? I've been in hermit mode for a minute.
  7. do you ever check out "Re-PC?" My roomate makes trips up to Seattle all the time to recycle and buy used computer parts. They have some awesome deals on computer cases and whatnot.
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