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  1. i still check this thread every month. FML.


    Legacy or no, Smash the gender binary dawg
  3. so... how bout the Trumpster, you folks super hype on this guy or what?
  4. Can this list include both PC and console titles?
  5. Also, DEMONOIDS BACK MOFUCKAAAAAZZZZZ. Although not a single thing is being seeded. Ha.
  6. ^ Word, i still got it. yeah, we gotta jam again soon. I reeeeaaallly want to start a project. Is Hellships still sailing the seven seas? I've been in hermit mode for a minute.
  7. do you ever check out "Re-PC?" My roomate makes trips up to Seattle all the time to recycle and buy used computer parts. They have some awesome deals on computer cases and whatnot.
  8. I never thought that trick worked all that well.
  9. regretably, yes. also, heres that listing i was talking about, i'll sell it to ya for 30, or if you just want one of the ps1's, i could probably just give one to you FER FREE. http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/vgm/4421599536.html
  10. yeah, we definitely need to chill soon. I need to stop working so much. :/
  11. I live in front of this asshole neighbor (John) who may or may not be schizophrenic, either way he is still an asshole. Usually he yells obsenities at my dog as he walks by or tries to fight our neighbors in my front yard. Recently though he's been throwing dead rats and squirrels in my yard, since there are no bite marks or signs of trauma on them i assume they were poisoned. My dog ate one of the rts, and luckily, did not fall ill. It sucks, but it didn't seem strange coming from the guy who berates my dog for the size of his penis (true story). So today, the neighbor from across the street comes to my door and tells me that this Johns cat is dead and that John is telling the entire neighborhood that me and my roomates poisoned it. He has called animal services on us for my dog that barks sometimes. My neighbor told me that he's out for revenge and says he's going to kill my dog. I've had lots of problems with neighbors pulling guns or trying to assault me and my roomates, but never did i think that i would have to deal with this shit in Olympia. Game on, John, game on.
  12. The new X-com and Planetside 2. Anyone on AE play X-com: Enemy Uknown? I think it'd be fun if we could start a ladder/bracket or something, there's so few people on here I'm sure it would never pan out.
  13. I can't stop playing Planetside 2. i've been jamming Unreal world as well. Have to play more dwarf fortress though...
  14. Happy B-day Brian! GO TIGERS!
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