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  1. Not really though. I think this is the first time I've actually posted in the Welcome New Members forum? Welcome @ me!
  2. So everyone in my apartment is reading the Wheel of Time series right now... and Robert Jordan decides to kick the bucket. Before finishing the 12th and final book. This sucks. RIP
  3. Previously: Mechanical Poet - Creepy Tales for Freaky Children Now: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Next: Dinosaur Jr - Beyond
  4. In Flames - "Take This Life"
  5. That does look a lot better.
  6. I just started reading the Wheel of Time series, since everyone around me is reading it right now. I read up to book four back in 9th grade, but it's been so long that it's like starting new again.
  7. Arcane

    math help thread

    For 26.) the two triangles are similar, so you can setup a ratio of the big triangle's perimeter to AC and set that equal to x (the small triangle's perimeter) to DF, so that: 72/22 = x/14 solve for x and you get 45.82 For 27.) I think the ratio 6/5 carries through for the entire triangle, since as far as I can tell they're similar. So I believe you can just multiply 6/5 by the smaller triangle's area to get the larger triangle's area, which results in 90 cm^2. It's been a long time since I've done geometry though, so I may be wrong.
  8. Yes... Yes we did. Belial has a sweet apartment everyone can stay in. I just spent the best two weeks of my life there. It even has a broken air conditioner that I may or may not be responsible for damaging.
  9. Arcane


    Calc 3: Multivariable Calculus (MTH 234) Physics for Engineers and Scientists II (PHY 184) Discrete Structures in Computer Science (CSE 260) and possibly Statistics for Engineers (STT 351) and Spring should look something like this: Calc 4: Differential Equations (MTH 235) Computer Organization and Architecture (CSE 320) Algorithms and Data Structures (CSE 331) Object-Oriented Software Design (CSE 335)
  10. My girlfriend will only refer to it as that. I just saw the Simpsons Movie. It was good, but it didn't amaze me or anything.
  11. Currently reading For Whom The Bell Tolls by Hemingway.
  12. I really like the new skin. Especially Will Smith.
  13. Transformers. I don't care what anyone says about lame jokes or anything, it was fucking awesome.
  14. Arcane

    Your Ethnicity?

    I'm mostly German with some English mixed in I believe.
  15. Bell's Oberon ale, brewed and bottled in Comstock, MI.
  16. Manhunt 2 has been temporarily shelved. Note: I don't even have any desire to actually play this game, I just think this whole situation is really lame.
  17. This is about censorship. Ratings are just a fancy form of censorship, but instead of actively censoring the material they scare the creators into censoring it themselves. Rockstar now has to either lose millions of dollars by completely scrapping the game or go back and rework the game to fit a bunch of politician's standards of what they think is good for us. I can decide what is good for myself, I don't need a bunch of assholes telling me what I can and cannot watch or play. And as of today, the game has also been banned outright in Ireland as well.
  18. Led Zeppelin - "When The Levee Breaks"
  19. Arcane

    Pre - A-E.

    I do. She was like old school AN.
  20. Arcane

    Pre - A-E.

    TOOL probably. My first concert I went to was actually TOOL with my mom, dad, and two brothers.
  21. Arcane

    Pre - A-E.

    I started out on AN a looong time ago (the only person I can remember from my early days at AN that is still around is MECHpilot, or Stranger as he's known now). By the time the whole Anti-AN thing started happening, most of the people that I actually liked on AN had been gone for some time so my AN involvement was pretty small at that time. And then all the people that I could still actually stand started moving over here, so I moved too.
  22. My girlfriend buys me so much stuff.. just in the past couple weeks she bought me a Megadeth t-shirt (from the Heaven and Hell tour that I was so jealous she got to go to), something crazy from Ireland (where she's been for the past week), and a ticket to see Roger Waters perform Dark Side of the Moon at Madison Square Garden with her on Wednesday. She's the best. I've been poor for the past two months, so I rarely ever get to buy her anything. Though I did buy a $300 plane ticket so that I could see her. But really, buying shit comes second to every thing else.
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