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  1. Blind Guardian - "Mr. Sandman"
  2. Amon Amarth - "The Last With Pagan Blood"
  3. Arcane


    I totally agree with that. There is no way one load of jizz has more calories than a can Coca-Cola. No way.
  4. Novembre - "The Winter Eyed"
  5. Arcane

    Happy Turkeyday!

    I'm a big fan of fried turkey. But usually for Thanksgiving we cook the turkey in the oven... probably because of the whole stuffing thing. My Grandpa makes one mean trash can turkey too.
  6. Arcane

    Woohoo! College!

    Congratulations man. I'm pretty fed up with college myself right now, mainly because the requirements for the College of Engineering at MSU are sucky and I have to take them for my Computer Science degree. So I'll probably be changing my major in the near future because the college of engineering pisses me off and because sitting at a desk programming shit I probably don't care about sounds like a boring life.
  7. Arcane

    Walmart Sucks

    Wal-mart is the worse place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Soooo much white trash. It's ridiculous.
  8. Wow. This is probably going to sound kind of sexist... but if they just didn't give any of the female leads any lines, I would probably half way enjoy it. Boobs + fighting = good. But boobs + fighting + stupid ass lines and shitty acting = :(
  9. As I said in this threads former life, I am against polygamy because the women in these polygamist relationships are often abused and neglected. Other than that, I don't have any moral or religious objections to it.
  10. Firefly owns my soul. It's a damn, damn shame that FOX had to cancel it like everything good they decide to play once every 3 to 5 years.
  11. I never even made it to 1000 last time around... I was forever stuck as "Supreme Member" or something along those lines.. though I did like that title.
  12. Nocturnal Rites - "Change The World"
  13. Option number 2. (The latter one) The internet has been running fine as it is for 30ish years now. No need to start making all kinds of governing rules for it. The internet works fine under self rule.
  14. I've noticed several new names, but I know they're all old members, but I have no idea who is who. So if you changed your name, post here so I know who I'm talking to.
  15. Pretty much just Call of Duty 2 lately.
  16. Since I started the last one of these on AE, I had to do it again... so here we go. Electric Six - "Be My Dark Angel"
  17. You know... I had finally posted a bunch of pictures of myself the night before the database crashed. Now I have to upload them all to imageshack again... which I'm too lazy to do right now.
  18. Hey.. now AE had a "Great Crash" just like Animenation had so long ago. Crazy.
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