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  1. I've been considering this as well but just the one 3 day class for the system admin test cost over a thousand dollars. Unless I can get an employer to reimburse me for that I don't see myself ever learning it
  2. What other kinds of roles would you suggest? I figure help desk is the only way to gain more experience since despite being at the same shit part time job I have learned very little from it. The way I see if my only option is a help desk job to get that experience while I get more certs to become a system/networking admin somewhere down the line
  3. Mostly level one help desk jobs. I am leaning towards networking/system admin in the long run but I still have a long way to go before I can learn everything necessary for that kind of job so doing help desk stuff is as good a starting point as I can think of for now And I am looking for jobs in NY/NJ/Conneticut, mainly near NYC since I love about an hour away.
  4. I've been working the same shitty dead in part time IT job for close to six years now. I have always been trying to get a non-shitty full time IT job for at least three of those years. Nothing has stuck and the job keeps getting worse with no signs that it will ever improve. I have gotten much better at interview but for whatever reason I just cannot get past that interview phase (I've been on at least 10 this year alone). I've been working with a job coach, seeing a therapist for close to two years now where much of the time we talk about my crap job and what I do to improve myself so I can land a better but nothing is working. I am starting to think I should just abandon IT as a whole and try something else but I have no idea what I could do besides retail (which I hate and am not very good at anyway) and am terrified of once again changing careers without any idea of what else I can do. I am just stuck.
  5. Reading some of my older post is like an endurance test in cringe
  6. They're dead, Dave. Everyone is dead
  7. This thread is 10 years old now. Jesus Christ where has the time gone? Also It's basically dead since I don't bother updating anymore. Yeah~
  8. Recently spent nearly $400 on a new monitor, CPU and motherboard for my computer. Also finally got rid of my two remaining PATA drives as the pins on the 160 GB drive broke and the smaller 80GB is pretty useless.
  9. Finally broke free of the cruel mistress that is Monster Hunter and start playing Xenoblade Chronicles X. Game is way too complicated and filled with way too many mechanics to learn about without the game properly explaining them bu thankfully the internet exist.
  10. Ded thread ded site. What went wrong?
  11. I have a job Interview on Wednesday. I hate job interviews since I always fail at them
  12. Mikagure Gakuen ep 2 Milky Holmes ep 11-12 Ore Monogatari ep 2 Kiniro Mosaic ep 4-5 Etotama ep 3-5 Punchline ep 3 Dungeon something ep 3 Hibiki Euphonium ep 2 Kekkai Sensen ep 2 Go Princess Precure ep 11 Jojo part 3 ep 37 Idolmaster Cinderella girls ep 11
  13. Dungeon something something ep 2 Punchline ep 2
  14. Milky Holmes TD ep 10: Gundam G Reconguista ep 25-26 Ore Monogatari ep 1 Mikagure Gakuen ep 1 Ra-Ken ep 1 Kiniro Mosaic ep 3 Etotama ep 1-2
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