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  1. Tales of Zestiria, akaTales of At Least it's not Xillia
  2. I miss AE circa, like, 2008. We're getting old guys, I don't like it.
  3. I've been really itching to play WoW after reading some story spoilers for WoD. I'd really prefer not to. I don't have anywhere near the time for it.
  4. Siendra

    Merry Chrimbus

    I didn't ask for anything, but I got a blender, a soldering iron, A desert making thingie, and some random stocking stuff. Can't complain.
  5. It's TTGL with more T&A. So far it's pretty great.
  6. That... that didn't really happen, did it?
  7. One more week until Nintendo gives me $30 for buying two games I was going to buy anyway.
  8. UGH. It's like a ghost has been hate-fucking my radiator all god damn night.
  9. Really? I sorta' stopped buying comics a few months back, but I liked Batwoman and Justice League Dark. I saw some of the art changes in Batwoman and couple weeks ago and was really very sad - the style it had in issue 0 - 4 (I think it was 4) was amazing.
  10. Growing up kinda' sorta' sucks. I mean, I never, ever want to see my teenage years again, but still... I want to meet AE members too, but that would probably be one really weird social outing.
  11. Prometheus Decent. Not terrible, not amazing. There is one scene that is wildly unnecessarily graphic and honestly it cheapened the entire experience for me. It's a shame, really, because early on it was reaching for real greatness with a broad scope and intelligent angle on the whole "God as Aliens" thing. I will say this: Micheal Fastbender as David is amazing.
  12. Siendra

    E3 2012

    So the WiiU controller multi-purposes as a universal remote and Nintendo has their own social network or something. Those are... nice. Didn't really answer any questions...
  13. For the first time ever I'm programming something that I didn't design or write the philosophy for. I don't like it. This feels like work now.
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