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  1. Jewish pedophiles delete GNAA article from Wikipedia Drake - Nigeria, Weekly Gayzette The nuts of wikipedos worldwide were ruptured with pleasure today, as the GNAA article was deleted. Due to the rampant amount of homophobic nigger-hate circulating through Wikipedo, the GNAA article was put up for yet another vote for deletion [read as very fat dick] today, its 18th nomination. However, unlike the other 17 consecutive failures, the article was deleted this time. The articles lengthy and vastly homosexual existence was cut short today when, after being nominated for less than 24 hours,
  2. I suppose I have just two habits. The first one is, I don't watch any of my DVDs in the recliner, only on the couch. The recliner is for regular tv watching and video game playing. Secondly I only watch my fansubs when I'm at work on the tug boat, never when I'm at home. The reason for that is more practical. I usually have 30 DVDs to watch at any given time, so I just don't have the time for fansubs when I'm at home. I just load up my laptop and bring them with me.
  3. Here's a little dish I came up with out at sea. It takes a bit of time to make, mostly waiting for it to cook, but it's well worth it. What you need: boneless/skinless chicken breasts can of condensed cream of mushroom soup can of condensed cream of chicken soup slices of American cheese fresh sliced mushrooms (or canned works too) oregano garlic salt black pepper crushed red pepper First preheat your oven to 350. place chicken breasts in a casserole dish and sprinkle with the oregano, garlic salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for
  4. Fair Use As the Wiki link there says, basically you can include copyrighted material in your own works under certain circumstances. People dancing to copyrighted songs probably falls under Fair Use.
  5. You believe wrong. http://www.dvdaficionado.com/dvds.html?id=...exy&count=title
  6. Back in the summer of '96 me and a group of people from my school went on a month long trip to Germany where we stayed with host families on a sort of exchange, since their kids had come and stayed with us earlier. It really blew me away in some aspects when I went to a town that was celebrating it's 600th anniversary, and here our country has only been around for a bit over 200 years. It was certainly worth it to go, and it made me want to visit other countries as well.
  7. Of course you can. It's not like many places actually call around and check. And besides, make up important sounding titles for BS stuff. Ever babysat a kid? Well, you sir/madam are a child care manager. Ever mow the grass? Hello landscaper! It can be lots of fun making up important titles for crap:D
  8. Doki Doki School Hours is a lot like Azumanga Daioh, in the respect that it's about a group of high schoolers, it seems to be rather episodic too.
  9. Well, went to Anime Expo last year, this year I'm sticking close to home and tommorrow I'll be leaving for Anime Boston. One of these days I'll get to Otakon, if that's the one I'm thinking of, I hear it's a pretty big con too. Basically I like going to cons that have Japanese guests. I honestly couldn't care less about the English VAs.
  10. So? Who cares if they'd ban gay marriage? Being of straight orientation, not I. About time the fags realized that not everyone got equal rights in this country. Yeah, that's right, we're not equal. Some of us are better than others.
  11. Well, I'm not posting this as a sort of dueling tattoos sort of thing, but this seems as good a place as any to post mine. BTW, nice tattoo. Anywho, here's the one I recently got back in, February I think.
  12. Very soon, just putting the finishing touches on it.
  13. I think they want this game to attain the legendary status of Duke Nukem Forever, so in 10 years time people can still be asking when it's coming out.
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