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  1. Open bar is key. I was a groomsmen at my cousin's wedding and you can be damn sure I was walking down the aisle toasted, nice and toasted.
  2. Never heard, but reading about it now, it's apparently an expansion of the director's film Looking for Alfred. Both will have to be watched. Last night at exactly midnight I watched Eraserhead all the way through and it was marvelous. I think I'm going to keep the Midnight Movie Motif and watch this really crazy movie tonight entitled Awakening of the Beast.
  3. Started watching Eraserhead last night and I'm waiting until later to watch it this time the full way through.
  4. Frost/Nixon was quite good, Frank Langella played a most convincing Nixon, something Anthony Hopkins could not do at all. Uhhh, the last thing I watched was indeed an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents entitled I killed the Count (Part 1).
  5. Being pretty high right now I can say this album is A-#1 greatness, perhaps their greatest thus far. Thank you Sunn O))) for being Sunn O))), O))) Yeauhhhhhhh!
  6. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, Happy bday Brian!!!!
  7. Take it one toke at a time though. You'll be wanting to gradually assimilate marijuana back into your daily life.
  8. no no no it's 5 then 5 dollar etc. edit: I'm high enough now to realize I'm probably wrong =(
  9. Spiders love our bathroom all year round. It's their personal sauna. They're pretty chill and just hang out on the corners of the ceiling.
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