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  1. Open bar is key. I was a groomsmen at my cousin's wedding and you can be damn sure I was walking down the aisle toasted, nice and toasted.
  2. Never heard, but reading about it now, it's apparently an expansion of the director's film Looking for Alfred. Both will have to be watched. Last night at exactly midnight I watched Eraserhead all the way through and it was marvelous. I think I'm going to keep the Midnight Movie Motif and watch this really crazy movie tonight entitled Awakening of the Beast.
  3. Started watching Eraserhead last night and I'm waiting until later to watch it this time the full way through.
  4. Frost/Nixon was quite good, Frank Langella played a most convincing Nixon, something Anthony Hopkins could not do at all. Uhhh, the last thing I watched was indeed an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents entitled I killed the Count (Part 1).
  5. Being pretty high right now I can say this album is A-#1 greatness, perhaps their greatest thus far. Thank you Sunn O))) for being Sunn O))), O))) Yeauhhhhhhh!
  6. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, Happy bday Brian!!!!
  7. Take it one toke at a time though. You'll be wanting to gradually assimilate marijuana back into your daily life.
  8. no no no it's 5 then 5 dollar etc. edit: I'm high enough now to realize I'm probably wrong =(
  9. Spiders love our bathroom all year round. It's their personal sauna. They're pretty chill and just hang out on the corners of the ceiling.
  10. taking a dump with an erection is possible if you cram it into the bowl and hope it does not pop back out and get pee all over your pants or something.
  11. My mom totally jumped on the splenda wagon. She only uses it for coffee and I don't use it at all, but there's no real sugar in the house because of it and I do enjoy the real stuff with a nice bowl of cheerios. At work I've been drinking coffee with Equal. I forgot what horrid things Equal does... currently I'm drinking Simply Raspberry Lemonade. The Simply people know what their doing with juices.
  12. I'll be willing to make a check trade if yours is over $400.
  13. David Lynch's Rabbits. I guess it's done in episodic format but my friend had it all like one movie. Very trippy and very expected coming from David Lynch.
  14. They were ok. I wanna try the jalapeno popper one. Just had a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread. Classic combo.
  15. it's a slap in the face is what it is. It's like saying "thank you for helping me but now I have to pee on you..a lot."
  16. Steve Vai - still my bleeding heart
  17. I get energy from my imagination
  18. Moving blows, especially with 20 years of stuff to throw out. I think we've gotten through maybe 15 years of it thus far.
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